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How Does Climate Change Happens And What Are The Solutions To Solve It

My video is about the most important and the biggest problem climate change. The purpose of this science fair project is to show people how does climate change happens and what are the solutions that all of us can make to solve it. CO2 is impacting the climate and that’s actually produced by human activity, but people still do not understand this. That’s why I made an experiment to observe the heat of an air and the heat of CO2 and showing it to people. Also, I tried to explain that the population is increasing and by the year of 2050 it’s going to hit almost 10 billion people. Living in a world with sacred resources makes it hard to produce enough food to feed people. A good solution for this issue is to use algae, beans and spirulina instead of building lots of factories that influence our climate. One of the beans that I grow at home is Mung Beans. These beans include lots of proteins, vitamins and calories rather than meat. To sumarise, I want to say that all of us have to take care of our land and trying their best to solve the problems that their land is facing.