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How to take an ordinary battery and a metal object with magnetic properties and create your own electromagnet

Zeeana Surani Potato Clock

Potato Clock by Zeeana Surani

A Potato Clock is a clock that is run by converting chemical energy into electrical energy which is later used to power a Clock. Zinc

Muslim Jeopardy

Muslim Jeopardy

I made a game on Scratch and it’s called Muslim Jeopardy. Scratch can be used by beginners and pro’s and it’s super fun. Hope you

Salt & Ice By Aaryan Jalia

In this video Aaryan tries to explain the reactive properties of Sodium Chloride (also known as table salt), when it’s sprinkled over the ice cubes

Sj Gas Under Pressure

Gas Under Pressure

SJ’s Gas under pressure experiment – When batter is poured into a pre-heated pan the outside starts cooking straight away. The liquid from the milk