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Land and Water pollution

This is a video land and water pollution. We talk about how we humans cause damage to our earth by pollution.We hope you enjoyed and

Liter to light presentation

XNxnWeUVQDoPresentation by Mehran kamani Main idea of Illac Diaz I made this video because many people study and work in the dark .I found this


This video is about a group of 3 girls who care about the environment and are learning about new ways that can help them preserve

Positive Changers STEM Project

This is a video about Climate Change. We talk about the causes, effects , and solutions! Hope you learned more about climate change and you

Experiment With Aaliza

Experiment with Aaliza

Making a clip catapault using a clip, an ice-cream stick and a bottle cap which can be used as a toy for kids.

Science Water Experiments

Water Science Experiments

Mihan will do two science experiments using water. Watch the full video to learn two new cool experiments to try at home.