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Le Quantique Illumine - Un Resume

Le Quantique Illumine – Un Resume

Ceci est un résumé de mon projet de fin de Secondaire du Programme d’Éducation International, visant à introduire l’optique quantique aux jeunes de mon âge.

Making A Kaleidoscope

Making A Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is a toy that you look into. You use your eyes to see patterns, colours & shapes. It uses light and reflection to

Electricity Produce

Produce Electricity

Recharging a battery simply requires you to reverse the flow of electrons using a separate energy source such as electricity. When the process is complete,

3D Hologram

3D Hologram

A 3D projection that exists freely in space and visible to everyone without the need of 3D glasses. It is mainly used in education, healthcare

Fire Works In A Jar

Fire Works in a Jar

It’s hard to dissolve things in oil, however warm water makes it easy for molecules to be mixed.