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Dna Extraction From Strawberry

DNA Extraction from a Strawberry

In this video, I am extracting DNA from strawberries. I will demonstrate how to add a solution that will take apart the strawberries cells and

Arhaan'S Science Experiment

Arhaan’s Science Experiment

This is a video of Arhaan’s science experiment. Mixing vinegar and baking soda creates a chemical reaction, causing the balloon to blow up.



How to take an ordinary battery and a metal object with magnetic properties and create your own electromagnet

Zeeana Surani Potato Clock

Potato Clock by Zeeana Surani

A Potato Clock is a clock that is run by converting chemical energy into electrical energy which is later used to power a Clock. Zinc

3 Code Lock

3-Code Lock

3-Code Lock is a computer science project coded in a language called C++. For example, one of the three languages that Microsoft Windows 10 was