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Float And Sink

Float and Sink

Floating and sinking is a fun science concept for children to explore. Setting up a floating and sinking learning tray will invite them to play,

Water Cycle

Water Cycle

This video is about the formation of rain. Surface water evaporates with the help of the sun. After evaporation, clouds form with water droplets called

Arduino Projects For Kids : Robotic Arm

Arduino Projects For Kids: Robotic Arm

Code and circuit diagram:… For written project visit:… For more detailed information see

Popsicle Stick Bridge

Popsicle Stick Bridge

How to construct Leonado da Vinci’s bridge using popsicle sticks with no glue or adhesives. Interlocking of the sticks should be taken off or the

Rising Water Experiment

Rising Water Experiment

Why does the candle burn off and what makes the water level rise?? Credits::- Music: Sunrise Musician: Ilya Marfin Site:

Misbah'S Coin Sorting Machine

Misbah’s Coin Sorting Machine

A coin sorting machine is a great invention to sort out different sizes of coins easily and quickly. Here 3 coins of different size were