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Making of a Turbine

In this video, we see how to create a water based turbine. The energy from the water turns a propeller like blade around a rotor.

Rayan’s Leak-Proof Bag Experiment!

Rayan’s Leak-Proof Bag Experiment!

This experiment using STEM concepts is fascinating because Rayan teaches you the chemistry of polymers. Find out why the pencils won’t allow water to leak

Dna Extraction From Strawberry

DNA Extraction from a Strawberry

In this video, I am extracting DNA from strawberries. I will demonstrate how to add a solution that will take apart the strawberries cells and

Arhaan'S Science Experiment

Arhaan’s Science Experiment

This is a video of Arhaan’s science experiment. Mixing vinegar and baking soda creates a chemical reaction, causing the balloon to blow up.

Static Energy

Static Energy

Static energy is the positive charge that attracts the negative charge and repells a positive charge.