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Azal Megji — Zero Hunger

Hi I’m Azal, I decided to work on finding a solution for Zero Hunger. I was able to share my idea using the topic from


Garbage in the ocean is serving as poison to the health of Marine animal and ultimately to us. Therefore, I have created this bot to

Values of food

Here are the GreenLifers at it again! In this video, the GreenLifers are trying to show how hard it is to grow crops and wheat

Life Below Water

Life below water, like in our beautiful oceans there is life, our sea creatures. To save them, we need to make a marine garbage collection

Growing our own food

Growing our own food will enhance economic security and will also lessen the global food shortage.

Volcano Experiment

In this video, Azal has made a volcano experiment. She really enjoyed making this and she also learnt what can happen when the following two