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Rising Water Experiment

Rising Water Experiment

Why does the candle burn off and what makes the water level rise?? Credits::- Music: Sunrise Musician: Ilya Marfin Site:

Misbah'S Coin Sorting Machine

Misbah’s Coin Sorting Machine

A coin sorting machine is a great invention to sort out different sizes of coins easily and quickly. Here 3 coins of different size were

Salt & Ice By Aaryan Jalia

In this video Aaryan tries to explain the reactive properties of Sodium Chloride (also known as table salt), when it’s sprinkled over the ice cubes

Science With Candle

Science With A Candle

In this experiment I have demonstrated how oxygen is necessary for burning. I have demonstrated, using the burning candle experiment, how does oxygen support combustion.

Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster

1) The red lava is the result of a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar. In this reaction the carbon dioxide gas is produced.

Ahan'S  Science Experiment

Ahan’s Science Experiment

Experiment with balloons, candles and heat. When the balloon is filled with air, the flame of candle causes an effect and it will burst. But

Easy Project On Green Energy

Easy Project on Green Energy

Materials required: lots of cardboard, a hot glue gun, a dynamo, a fan (cardboard fan of three centimeters diameter can be used, make sure the

Artificial Working Dam

Artificial Working Dam

Measurement of the parts of the dam (on thermocol) base-75*37cm, 37*30cm(2 sheet) – back & front part of the storage part 37*7.5cm (1 sheet), 11*7.5cm