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Water Filter by Shayaan Samir Khoja

Title: Homemade water filter by Shayaan Samir Khoja Objective: Turn dirty water into clean water. Items used: 2 empty water bottles (1.5 liters) Cotton (2 small pieces) Activated charcoal (Half bottle) Sand (1/4th of the bottle) Stones (20 to 30 small pieces of stones) Process: Step 1: First, you have to take the 2 bottles, cut 1 from the bottom and the other one from the top. Now gently place the cap face of the bottle into the mouth of the bottle. Step 2: Now it is time for the ingredients. First, put in cotton so that ingredients don’t fall out of the bottle. Step 3: Next put in activated charcoal to remove toxins from the water. Toxins are poisonous to plants and animals. Step 4: After that, put in the sand. Sand removes small particles(dust) from the water. Step 5: Finally, put in stones. Stones remove the bad taste from the water. Now put some dirty water in the bottle, you will see that clean water is dripping out. Make sure that the cap is open. Step 6: You can boil the water and drink it. Conclusion- See, it is not that hard to make a water filter at home. Just a few little steps and you can make it at home.