The IIS and ITREB Portugal are proud to host an author and book talk. Join author Shams Vellani in lively conversation with Zohora Pirbhai. People of Faith is Essays on a Historical and Contemporary Profile of the Ismailis.
In this episode of Visionary Voices, Khalil Shariff, CEO of Aga Khan Foundation, Canada explores the topic of resilience in the face of crisis.
The pandemic has forced institutions of higher learning to re-think their future by challenging the suitability, viability, and sustainability of university-operating models. Institutions must reassess and adapt their strategies if they are to survive and thrive after the pandemic. Farah Nasser moderates a discussion between Dr. Jay Johnson, President of Simon Fraser University; Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, President of Ryerson University; Dr. Graham Carr, President of Concordia University and Dr. Deborah MacLatchy, President of Wilfrid Laurier University.
Badakhshan, home to the beautiful Pamir Mountains, is rich in culture and tradition. This film explores the customs and traditions as spring comes to the area.
The current pandemic has brought about some fundamental changes to the global economy and accelerated the pace of change that impacts how people work, live, and spend. Join us for a moderated discussion with Dr. Rusell Green of Rice University's Baker Institute and Laila Assange of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on the trends in the economic activities domestically and internationally as societies look towards a post-pandemic future. The program will be moderated by Inayat Noormohmad, former Director and Chief Labor Economist for the Kansas Department of Labor.
The Council for the USA and the Wende Museum of Los Angeles presents a program that explores the music of Central Asia. A panel discusses the efforts of the Aga Khan Music Program to preserve and promote artists from the region.
A conversation with author and producer Dr. Farzin Rezaeian where he discusses his documentary The Spirit of Nowruz - One Family, One Song. The film explores the richness and diversity of the ancient tradition of Nowruz (New Year), celebrated across cultures by 300,000,000 people in various countries around the world.
The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center USA are pleased to present a multicultural collaboration of educators and musicians from around the world bridging languages of ancient cultures to create a new story that celebrates different traditions. Featuring Dr. Sadaf Munshi, professor, and chair of the Department of Linguistics at the University of North Texas, Ehsan Matoori, composer and producer of The Voices and Bridges Project, Dr. Ali Asani, professor of Indo-Muslim Islamic Religion Cultures at Harvard University and Dr. Ali Montazeri, composer and music researcher.
Interview with Ramzi Shamirov, one of the outstanding and well-known members of the Tajik Jamat and the only Olympic referee Category A, working in the International Judo Federation from Tajikistan.
In recognition of International Women’s Day, the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center is pleased to bring you, “Choose to Challenge as Cosmopolitan Leaders.” Join us for a conversation with three exceptional women as they share their journey of breaking barriers and choosing to challenge as cosmopolitan leaders.
Ismaili Centre Toronto: Frontiers of Science and Innovation Public Lecture Series Seeing the unseeable by Professor Avery Broderick, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, recounts how the Event Horizon Telescope generates images, why scientists think they have finally seen a black hole, and what it all means. He tells the incredible tale of how a global collaboration of astronomers, physicists, and engineers literally traveled to the ends of the Earth to synthesize a telescope the size of the Earth, the only instrument capable of probing the staggeringly small scales presented by black holes.
This will be an informative and interesting conversation with Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, where he will talk about the importance of bringing the country together and learning from each other, as well as the benefit of community groups in society. Jeremy Hunt will also discuss what we can all do to look after our mental health including keeping active, developing our emotional resilience, and participating in charitable work.
In recognition of World Interfaith Harmony Week, the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center in collaboration with Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta and Interfaith Youth Core is pleased to bring you, “Building Bridges Through Faith.” Join us for a conversation with Dr. Eboo Patel and interfaith leaders on the importance of interfaith cooperation in bringing peace, harmony, and tolerance to our communities.
The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center are pleased to present, "Arts and Sounds of the Islamic World." The program will begin to explore the vast world of Islamic arts through a discussion with Dr. Aimée Froom, Curator, Art of the Islamic Worlds, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and a musical performance by Shahid Qalandar.
A dialogue between the mayors of Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver on the way that the ongoing pandemic has shaped the way that they understand civic life.
Watch the journey of the Ismaili Centre London, from construction and opening to the importance of the Ismaili Centre London today.
Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center in collaboration with the City of Houston and the Consulate General of Pakistan in Houston is pleased to present a performance featuring Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Qawwals. The legendary master musicians from Pakistan hail from the historical Qawwal Bachon Ka Gharana, the oldest school of Hindustani classical music tradition. The duo is continuing a rich family tradition going back centuries performing Qawwali, the Sufi devotional art form that brings literary works that span several cultural and geographic influences.
A discussion with young leaders from Bangladesh on their journey from acquiring knowledge to leading meaningful lives.
Renowned Belgian Flutist Christian Plouvier and acclaimed International Concert Pianist Avenline Gram, delight an audience with an extensive repertoire of music, exquisite in choice, harmony, and presentation. The artists synchronise their performance of melodies ranging from classical to popular. The event was co-hosted by the Belgian Business Council, the Belgian Embassy, and the Ismaili Centre Dubai.
Explore the concepts of faith, identity, personal journey, and safe havens through an overview of the American Medina exhibit from the Chicago History Museum and Sanctuary exhibit from the Aga Khan Museum. This discussion includes Dr. Peter T. Alter, Chief Historian from the Chicago History Museum, Dr. Michael Chagnon, Curator from the Aga Khan Museum, and moderated by Dr. Zahra Jamal of Rice University's Boniuk Institute of Religious Tolerance. The sanctuary exhibit contemplates our shared humanity in a space that explores the many dimensions of sanctuary through the work of contemporary artists.

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