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The Ismaili TV is proud to launch its first TV Series just for the youth of our Jamat. In this series, youth around the world invite us into their experiences with AKDN and Imamat projects through short, impactful narratives.

This series uncovers key insights into profound questions about who we are and the universe we inhabit, helping us understand what makes innovation possible and demonstrating how technological advances allow scientists to examine nature more deeply.

Set in East Africa, home to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife, Giving Nature a Voice contains stunning visual imagery of creatures in the sky, on land, and underwater, and explains the threats to their habitats and very survival.

“The Close to Home series has been a personal project linked to my travels over the past few years, learning about the work of the Aga Khan Development Network. I hope that these films help to shed light on issues which I believe are important to young people today.”
Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan
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