For Imamat Day, Professor Azim Nanji joins Sheizana Murji for an interview, “The Imamat in History,” that explores the nature of the Imam's authority in Shia Ismaili Islam and how the Imamat has impacted the global Jamat and wider society. Learn more about our What Ismailis Believe series by visiting
What is Eid al-Fitr? Eid is a chance to express gratitude for the blessings in our lives, to extend our compassion and generosity to others, and to celebrate with our families and communities. Watch this clip to learn about the festival that celebrates the end of the month of Ramadan.
Navroz, like new years traditions from other cultures, is a day when families and communities come together. It's a reminder of renewal and a fresh start. It's also a chance to reflect on one’s personal life, to think about achievements and failures during the previous year, and to make resolutions for the new year.
The Ismaili Sounds is pleased to present Navroz hai aya, performed by Ismaili music artists in Pakistan. The song describes the blessings, beauty, and hope that the festival of Navroz brings to our lives.
"به مناسبت آغاز سال جدید، این برنامه به بزرگ‌داشت جشن نوروز و سنت‌های جماعت فارسی‌زبان می‌پردازد.// Ба муносибати оғози соли ҷадид, ин барнома ба бузургдошти ҷашни навруз ва суннатҳои ҷамоъати форсизабон мепардозад.// On the occasion of the new year, this episode focuses on Navroz/Nowruz celebrations and traditions of Farsi speaking Jamat."
To commemorate the blessed month of Ramadan, The Ismaili is pleased to present a rendition of Balaghal, performed by Fitoor.
به مناسبت هشتاد و هفتمین سالگرد میلاد مولانا حاضر امام، دکتر داریوش محمدپور، دانشیار مؤسسه‌ی مطالعات اسماعیلی، مروری بر سنت و عقاید اسماعیلی در زمینه‌ی امامت خواهد داشت و به طور خاص به دستاوردهای امامت در زمینه نهادسازی و ساختارهای جدید برای بهبود کیفیت زندگی مردم و خدمت به جماعت و بشریت در بافتار اصول و عقاید اسماعیلی اشاره دارد.// Ба муносибати ҳаштоду ҳафтумин солгарди мелоди Мавлоно Ҳозир Имом, Доктор Дориюш Муҳаммадпур, дотсенти Муассисаи Мутолиъоти Исмоилӣ, шарҳи умумиро дар мавриди баррасии суннат ва ақоъиди Исмоилӣ дар мавзуъи имомат пешкаш хоҳад кард. Дар тули ин суҳбат ба хусус дастовардҳои имомат дар заминаи ниҳодсозӣ ва сохторҳои ҷадид барои беҳбудӣ кайфияти зиндагии мардум ва хидмат ба ҷамоъат ва башарият дар васеътари принсипҳо ва эътиқодҳои исмоилӣ мавриди таҳлил қарор хоҳад шуд.// On the occasion of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 87th birthday, Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor, Associate Professor at the Institute of Ismaili Studies offers an overview of Ismaili traditions and beliefs on Imamat and specifically on the achievements of the Imamat in the areas of institution-building and contemporary governing structures of the Jamat in order to improve the quality of life of people, to serve the Jamat and humanity within the broader context of Ismaili principles and beliefs.
As we prepare to celebrate Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 87th birthday, The Ismaili brings you a recorded reading from the book “Ismaili Festivals: Stories of Celebration,” in which author Shiraz Kabani describes how the happy occasion of Salgirah is commemorated in various parts of the world.
Join us for a special #Salgirah edition of The Ismaili Update with hosts Ayaz Manji and Sahra Ahmady. See how the worldwide community is celebrating Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 87th birthday today, and learn about the gift presented to Hazar Imam on behalf of the global Jamat.
Love & Gratitude: As we prepare to celebrate our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam's birthday, The Ismaili is pleased to present our Love & Gratitude video series, which reminds us of the Imam's immense love for his Jamat and the countless reasons why we offer our shukrana to the Imam. Throughout his Imamat, Mawlana Hazar Imam has stressed the importance of building peaceful societies around the world. He has emphasised that conflicts should be resolved within the ethics of our faith, through dialogue, compassion, tolerance, generosity, and forgiveness, and not through violence. In order to advance peace in the world, Hazar Imam’s institutions have worked to assist developing societies become more stable, pluralistic, and forward-looking. We thank our beloved Imam for all he has done to make our world a more peaceful place, and we offer prayers for all the people of the world who are living in situations of conflict for the easing of their difficulties and an end to violence around the world.
The Ismaili sounds pleased to present Musarrat e Navroz performed by Taufiq Karmali. The song’s lyrics offer felicitations on the joyous occasion of Navroz — the first day of spring and the start of a new year.
The Ismaili sounds pleased to present Suhana Roz by a group of music artists from Pakistan. The song highlights how the occasion of Navroz gladdens our hearts with hopes of prosperity and rejuvenation.
"به مناسبت آغاز سال جدید، این برنامه به بزرگ‌داشت جشن نوروز و سنت‌های جماعت فارسی‌زبان می‌پردازد.// Ба муносибати оғози соли ҷадид, ин барнома ба бузургдошти ҷашни навруз ва суннатҳои ҷамоъати форсизабон мепардозад.// On the occasion of the new year, this episode focuses on Navroz/Nowruz celebrations and traditions of Farsi speaking Jamat."
به مناسبت هشتاد و ششمین سالروز ولادت مولانا حاضر امام، دکتر داريوش محمدپور، پژوهشگر ارشد مؤسسه‌ی مطالعات اسماعیلی، طی سخنانی به سه محور کلیدی هدایت‌ مولانا حاضر امام می‌پردازد: توازن میان دين و دنيا، توازن بین عقل و دین و کثرت‌گرایی. این نکات را در چارچوب الگوی اخلاقی شبکه‌ی توسعه‌ی آقاخان و نهادهای امامت اسماعيلی يعنی بهبود کیفیت زندگی انسان‌ها بدون هيچ تبعيضی می‌شنویم.// Ба муносибати ҳаштоду шашумин солрӯзи валодати Мавлонл Ҳозир Имом, дуктур Дориюши Муҳаммадпур, пажуҳишгари аршади Муассисаи Мутолиъоти Исмоилӣ, тайи суханоне ба се меҳвари калидии ҳидояти Мавлоно Ҳозир Имом мепардозад: Тавозун миёни дин ва дунё, тавозун миёни ақл ва дин ва касратгароӣ. Ин нукотро дар чорчуби алагуӣ ахлоқии шабакаи тавсиъаи Оғохон ва ниҳодҳои имомати Исмоъилӣ яъне беҳбуди кайфияти зиндагии инсонҳо бидуни ҳеч табъизе мешунавем.// On the occasion of the 86th birthday of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor, Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Ismaili Studies discusses three themes of the guidance of Mawlana Hazar Imam. These include: balance between din and dunya, balance between faith and intellect and commitment to pluralism. All of these are discussed under the rubric of improving the quality of life which is the motto of the AKDN and Imamat institutions. We also hear extracts from Mawlana Hazar Imam’s speeches in which he explains these points.
The Ismaili is pleased to present “Happy Birthday Mawla,” performed by and featuring Ismaili children from all over the world. Follow along with the lyrics and learn how to say happy birthday in different languages including Swahili, Arabic, Farsi, French, Portuguese, and more!
"Khushiali Mubarak” is a devotional collaboration between 86 Ismaili artists around the world in celebration of Mawlana Hazar Imam's 86th Birthday. The song weaves together different languages, traditions, and styles of music and dance, performed at Ismaili Centres in Dushanbe, Houston, London, Lisbon, Vancouver, and Toronto, with a stirring finale in Dubai.
The Ismaili Sounds are pleased to present "Loyalty" by Ismaili music artists from Syria. The song was produced to celebrate Mawlana Hazar Imam's 86th Birthday and illustrates the Jamat’s unconditional love and devotion for our beloved Imam-of-the-Time.
Birthdays are generally seen as a time to celebrate and be thankful for those whom we care about. In this spirit, Ismailis celebrate the birthday of the living Imam-of-the-Time as a way of expressing their love, devotion, obedience, and gratitude to him.
Watch this creative new animated short story produced especially for Ismaili children, entitled, How can I tell my Mawla I love him? Join Inara and her family on an adventure as they ask, reflect, and search for ways to express their love and gratitude to Mawlana Hazar Imam on the occasion of Salgirah.
The Ismaili Sounds are pleased to present As we look forward to the joyous occasion of Salgirah, A karaoke version of “Day of Happiness (Khushi Ka Yeh Din),” produced by Pervaiz Mirza, originally released in December 2020. Visit The Ismaili YouTube channel to watch, listen, and sing along to the instrumental and performance versions of the karaoke track.
The Ismaili Sounds are pleased to present a collage of images of our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam from the time of his ascension to the throne of Imamat until the present day. The pictures are set to a specially commissioned soundtrack produced by The Sufistics titled Nostalgia, comprised of Geets from each decade of his Imamat and reminds us of all that he has done for the Ismaili Jamat worldwide.

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