In this episode, join contemporary artist Soheila Esfahani as she delves into her installation, Cultured Pallets: Aga Khan Museum. Esfahani guides you through the inception, intricate painting process, innovative laser-cutting techniques, and the placement of her work within the Museum Collections Gallery. She shares her captivating journey from Iran to Canada, providing insights into her settling process and the inspiration she finds in the "in-between." The Aga Khan Museum's Head of Performing Arts, Amirali Alibhai, then sits down with guitarist Michael Murray and singer Jaasmaan Rathore from the Mekaal Hassan Band. Together, they discuss the formation of this unique version of the band. Finally, enjoy a stunning performance by the band on the Museum stage.
Delve into the captivating world of Shaheer Zazai with Art Lives — a short docuseries that provides an intimate glimpse into the working practices and conceptual approaches of contemporary living artists. Zazai explores the intersection of traditional Afghan carpet design and digital art, transforming his structured methodology by creating intricate carpet designs inspired by gardens in Microsoft Word. Additionally, join Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Aga Khan Museum, as he engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Brandon Valdivia, also known as Mas Aya. They delve into Valdivia's artistic journey and sources of inspiration, culminating in a mesmerizing performance by the renowned composer, percussionist, and producer.
In this episode of At the Aga Khan Museum, watch the first episode from Searching for the Blues — a three-part series by Imran Babur that follows Sindhi sarangi master Lakha Khan on an intercontinental journey, delving into his blues, and how his universal spiritual message defies language and geographic barriers. Enjoy a captivating performance by Parachute Thieves and a thought-provoking conversation with the band's singer and Toronto-based physician, Latif Murji.
In this episode of At the Aga Khan Museum, get a closer look at the Oliphant from the Museum's Permanent Collection and learn more about the 11th–12th-century ivory horn, which is one of about 80 examples that survive worldwide. Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Museum sits down with Mark and Marichka Marczyk, the artists behind Balaklava Blues. They speak about the ways in which their work aligns with the Museum's vision, the importance of folk music, and how their songs create a space for conversation. Enjoy a captivating performance by their ensemble from the Museum's Rhythms of Canada Festival.
In this episode of At the Aga Khan Museum take a closer look at Listen., a mesmerizing installation by Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegal in the Aga Khan Park. Hear directly from the artists as they share insights into their creative process and how Rumi's words impacted their piece. Join Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts, for an enlightening conversation with multi-instrumentalist Mekaal Hasan, exploring his diverse body of work and collaborations within the Canadian music scene. Experience an exclusive glimpse into the Museum's temporary exhibition, Night in the Garden of Love, as acclaimed artist Shezad Dawood provides a unique perspective on the exhibition and its profound connection to autophysiopsychic musician and artist, Yusef Lateef.
Toronto-based vocalist Azaela Ray performs a mesmerizing composition inspired by artwork in the Aga Khan Museum's Collections. Learn more about why the lavishly decorated Blue Qur’an is Toronto-based artist Eiman Muiny's favorite object in the Collections in a thought-provoking segment of The Public Curates. Enjoy a stunning performance by internationally acclaimed musician Baaba Maal on the Museum stage, and watch Okan, a Toronto-based musical duo, masterfully perform a composition of Cuban music.
In this episode, enjoy a fiery flamenco performance from Duende, the Aga Khan Museum's annual festival celebrating the impact of this universal art form. Experience a captivating blend of hip hop, jazz, gospel, and classical music in a performance by Borelson, and join Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Museum, as he sits down with Borelson to discuss his work and inspiration.
Enjoy a powerful collaborative performance between Montreal-based author, poet, and spoken word artist Tawhida Tanya Evanson and musician Pooria Pournazeri at the Aga Khan Museum. Go behind the scenes with Curator Dr. Michael Chagnon and take a look at a page from a 15th-century book of poetry containing the compiled poems of the Timurid sultan Hosayn Bayqara. Watch the final part of Healing Rhythms, a four-part series from early 2022 that marked Black History Month and the rich cultural diversity of Toronto.
Join Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Aga Khan Museum as he takes a closer look at two works by late 15th-century painter Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād from the Museum's Collection with Curator, Dr. Michael Chagnon. Experience the musical lineage of the Moneka Family with the third part of Healing Rhythms, a four-part series from early 2022 that marked Black History Month and the rich cultural diversity of Toronto.
Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts, takes a look at the past few months at the Aga Khan Museum. Go behind the scenes to learn about the process of staging an exhibition, meet Raptors Superfan Nav Bhatia, and enjoy a captivating pocket performance by vocalist Samidha Joglekar, percussionist Abbas Janmohamed, and string specialist Zeeshan Lalani as they perform a traditional Thumri song about friendship and longing, symbolized by the arrival of the monsoon.
Get a close look at the Aga Khan Museum's "IMAGE? The Power of the Visual" exhibition and go behind the scenes to watch the team as they bring the exhibition to life. Join the Museum's Head of Performing Arts, Amirali Alibhai as he sits down with world-renowned performer of Northern Indian classical music, Steve Oda, enjoy special performances by Kune, an intercultural band made up of Toronto-based artists, and hear about all the exciting ways in which the Museum's education team is engaging and shaping young minds.
The Aga Khan Museum, the Consulate General of the Republic of France in Toronto, and the French Institute present an evening filled with a diverse line-up of artists, activists, and leaders that challenge and explore our relationship with the natural world and how we can preserve our planet for generations to come.
Celebrate National Poetry Month with a lyrical interpretation of an Arabic folk tale from "One Thousand and One Nights" performed by storyteller Dawne McFarlane and Juno nominee Maryem Toller. Also featured is the 'Great Poet Series: Reflections of Hafez' with a stellar lineup of musical artists, animated by the mystical whirling dance of Farzad AttarJafari and translations by Sheniz Janmohamed. Hussein Jadavji & Celine George then take us on a journey of spoken word that might challenge our perceptions.
In a one-time-only concert, four electrifying vocalists with roots in the African continent honour the role of women and mothers in carrying on musical traditions.
Explore the art and the science behind the Aga Khan Museum exhibition Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads with this illuminating talk featuring the University of Toronto’s Dr. Alexandra Gillespie.
The final episode in our three-part docu-series grapples with the question of how to carry on and preserve a centuries-old oral and musical tradition. We meet Lakha Khan’s son, Dane, who not long ago was driving a truck and showed little interest in following in his father’s footsteps. Now, Dane has joined forces with his father and an inspiring collection of artists, craftspeople, and other culture lovers striving to keep Rajasthani musical traditions alive.
Enter the Rajasthan home of Sindhi master musician Lakha Khan and experience him sing songs and perform instrumentals that speak to the worldly and sacred nature of his music. Fluent in five languages, he sings in Seraiki, Sindhi, Marwari, Punjabi, and Hindi.
Journey Beyond with the Aga Khan Museum’s 2021 Lapis Digital Benefit. This year’s online gala features mesmerizing performances from Mi'gmaq singer-songwriter Darlene Gijuminag, Pakistani singer Ali Sethi, Flamenco troupe Compañia Carmen Romero, and more. Hosted by journalist, teacher, and advocate Abdul-Rehman Malik.
Ankur and Ashutosh, long-time friends and founders of Amarrass Records, set out on a desert odyssey to film and record a dying culture of traditional Indian music. Driving through the remote villages of Rajasthan in northwest India, they meet master musicians including Lakha Khan, a passionate and energetic Sindhi sarangi maestro who is concerned that the next generation will not carry on the tradition.
This episode celebrates the contributions of Indigenous artists during June - Canada's Indigenous People's month. A moving piece by Indigenous performers Cris Derksen and Moe Clark, 'Refuge in Truth' is a piece that looks at notions of displacement and alienation and how memory can help reclaim the space of belonging and connection. It is inspired by our Sanctuary Exhibition and performed in the gallery. An excerpt by Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliot Clarke discusses the diversity within the Indigenous Turtle Island Community. Juno award-winning Jeremy Dutcher's artist residency presentation and interview with the CBC's Sook-Yin Lee are featured to close the episode, his music video 'Mehcinut.
Celebrate spring and Navroz as Dr. Ulrike Al-Khamis, curator at the Aga Khan Museum talks about how the world is coming alive this time of year, experience the uplifting performances of Montreal artists Kiya Tabassian and Hamin Honari, and hear a warm conversation between Dr. Filiz Cakir Phillip and Marianne Fenton on the fascination with tulips, a favorite springtime flower.

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