Milad-un-Nabi, also known as Mawlid, is a significant day of celebration for Muslims around the world as it is Prophet Muhammad's birthday. This program by ITREB Tanzania shares a meaningful journey to commemorate our beloved Prophet: Pre-primary and primary students share their learnings from the Ta’lim curriculum, ECDC students will complement these learnings by showing us how they apply these ethics and values in their everyday lives today, secondary students will share how traditional Mawlid is celebrated in Zanzibar, and concluding with a reflection on the life of the Prophet by a STEP teacher.
Khalil Z. Shariff, CEO of AKF Canada and AKF USA, Tinni Sawhney, CEO of AKF India, and Dr. Claudia Hudspeth, AKF Global Health Lead, come together for a wide-ranging conversation exploring how AKF is supporting some of those most affected by the pandemic, and the long-term implications of the current crisis.
On 18th December 2018 His Excellency the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, attended the Ismaili Centre Lisbon 20th anniversary where he inaugurated the exhibition “The Ismaili Centre: 20 Years Celebrating Pluralism,” and planted an olive tree in the surrounding Garden of Olives.
The Global Concert was a featured signature event at the Jubilee Games in 2016, embracing diversity and celebrating unity through music. Part 1.
Lake Naivasha has the largest population of African fish eagles in the world, despite the fact that Naivasha city has grown to a million people and hosts one of the main export earners of Kenya – the flower industry. Although the lake is under severe pressure, a Kenyan-born raptor scientist Dr. Munir Virani tries to explain why the eagles are doing so well and how to save their precious home. A film by Munir Virani & Kiran Ghadge.
The inadequate shelter is one of the key contributors and perpetrators of poverty in the world. In this film, we look at the work of AKPBS in addressing this issue in Pakistan.
This webinar on pluralism explores the diverse expressions of faith practiced by communities globally. Introduced by Khushboo Panjwani with content presented by Alwaezeen Farhana Zaveri and Dr Malik Khalfan.
A short entertaining drama by the Golden Club seniors from Australia & New Zealand showing how modern technology can be used to stay connected, healthy, and safe during the COVID pandemic.
Parents and Children of the Australia & New Zealand Jamat show their appreciation in recognition of the dedication and commitment of the ECD teachers in taking the classes virtual during the pandemic lockdown time.
The pandemic has raised many questions surrounding faith and intellect. Watch this fascinating dialogue by youth: Junnade and Akyl, content supported by Alwaeza Farhana Zaveri and STEP teacher Ferina Bhaidani and introduced by Nail Satani.
“Thank you to the Champions” is a tribute song to our heroes, the frontline workers who have been instrumental in keeping everyone safe during these difficult times and who deserve our heartiest appreciation and applause.
Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie in the stars of the night sky? And for that matter, the heavens and earth? Join us as we explore the fields of astronomy, space, and the immensity of divine creation.
Learn how to greet, use sign language to start basic conversations and how to call the members of your family. An AKEB/AKSWB initiative from the UK.
SUNDAYS WITH US as we take a deeper look into the first Islamic garden in western Canada. The Aga Khan Garden in Edmonton is a symbol of the continued intellectual, educational, and cultural collaboration between the University of Alberta and the Aga Khan Development Network.
Ce nouveau programme hebdomadaire, entièrement en francais, s'adresse au Jamat mondial francophone. Au programme cette semaine: Comment préparer sa poursuite d'études à l'étranger? Interviews d'étudiants et professionels expatriés à Londres, Montréal, Genève et Toronto qui partageront de précieux conseils!
On the 27th of September 2017, Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee discussed issues such as globalization and its challenges, pluralism and its virtues, and the need for greater global cooperation. In his address, he highlighted why in today’s fast-changing context, the need to treat the other with consideration and understanding becomes a global imperative for a more peaceful world. Dr. Keshavjee is a Trustee of the Darwin International Institute for the Study of Compassion in the UK and a consultant to the Hague Conference on Private International law.
On May 16th, His Highness the Aga Khan and His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada officially opened the Centre’s new permanent headquarters at 330 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.
Prince Karim Aga Khan and His Life's Work - For two years filmmaker Veronika Hofer and her crew travelled the world visiting projects of the Aga Khan´s organisations and to accompany His Highness. They visited the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in Doha, they explored projects in Egypt, Kenya, and India. In London and Paris, Veronika Hofer searched the archives of the Aga Khan to find the most significant images. Finally, Veronika Hofer met Karim Aga Khan for an extraordinary personal and thoughtful interview in his private home in Nairobi.

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