Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) shares practical insights from recent research on the future of work, which aims to help individuals future-proof themselves in the face of potential job disruption and emerging opportunities.
Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), which is simply intelligence demonstrated by machines, are transforming society - from retail (Amazon) to transportation (self-driving cars) to hospitality (Airbnb). Healthcare, which can be considered amongst the most data-rich sectors, is expected to be impacted by data, virtual care, and AI in the coming decades. This webinar reviews the concept of AI, its applications to healthcare, and its implications for clinicians and healthcare administrators in the future.
Join representatives and graduates from NPower Canada, an organization that launches young adults into meaningful and sustainable careers in technology, as they share tips on how to launch a successful career. Whether you're looking to switch careers or entering the workforce, this session will provide insight on the various paths you can take, the training and skills employers look for, where to get educated or credentialed, and how to succeed once you are in the industry.
This webinar will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic can be a catalyst to rebuild trust within your industries and organizations. Panelists Jennifer Lee, Raman Rai, and Fatima Laher, from Deloitte Canada, will have a conversation with moderator Shaez Allidina to reflect on lessons learned during the “respond and recover” phase of the pandemic. They will discuss various considerations and strategies that organizations can implement in order to thrive in the long-term.
The more digital you get, the more data you have. There is no perfect data. It’s how we handle it. The signal the data is giving you is an opportunity. Useful for other countries in the region if Russian subtitles can be added. 2019, Kyrgyzstan at the Conference on Digital Transformation in Central Asia, a collaboration of UCA with High Technology Park, Kyrgyzstan.
The recent rapid growth in artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, as well as changes in the structure of work, have generated numerous questions about what the future of work will look like. The pandemic has accelerated a number of these changes in ways that would have been difficult to imagine. Understanding the challenges and opportunities these developments present us with will help us prepare for our participation in the future of work. Business journalist Ali Velshi joins Zain Velji for a conversation where they explore The Future of Work and how the Jamat can prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Recorded in Kyrgyzstan in 2019 at the Conference on Digital Transformation in Central Asia, Ravi Pendse, PhD, speaks about the changes that have impacted our world and how that change impacts the future of our work. The conference is a collaboration between the University of Central Asia and High Technology Park.

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