Canada: Friday Night Reflections – 9 April 2021 (Farsi)

20211 hour 14 minutes, CanadaEnglish, Farsi

For many of us, the past year has been one of loss. Loss of jobs, of health, of financial well-being, of freedom, of a way of life, or perhaps most difficult - of dear loved ones. Pausing to acknowledge this pain, and allowing ourselves to grieve, is critical. What does the grieving process look like, and how can we draw strength from our loved ones, from ourselves, and from our faith, in navigating these turbulent times? This evening, join host and cancer warrior Munira Premji, along with Alwaeza Parinda Chagani, as we turn inwards to give voice to the emotions that often remain unspoken and to explore how we can turn a loss into hope, and hope into strength. President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha provides reflection and guidance given the current climate and COVID-related challenges.