In recognition of International Women’s Day, the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center is pleased to bring you, “Choose to Challenge as Cosmopolitan Leaders.” Join us for a conversation with three exceptional women as they share their journey of breaking barriers and choosing to challenge as cosmopolitan leaders.
The Sportshow: Racing Queen, November 2020. Jubilee Concert series at the Royal Albert Hall, London, by the Aga Khan Master Musicians, June 2018.
Celebrate International Women's Day 2021 with a virtual Gala which highlights the adversity and resilience shown by women during the pandemic. Inspiring female leaders within the community to come together to share their journeys of overcoming challenges. The gala concludes with musical and dance performances as well as a special surprise. (Here’s a hint: think #ChoosingHope​).
Most of us must have heard the names of Ibn e Sina and Ibn e Rushd. But do you know who they really were and what they actually did? Why are they still remembered and valued today among the greatest intellectuals of this world? This episode throws light on all of these questions and many more.
Karim Gillani (General Partner at Luge Capital) shares his career journey and discusses the future of the field of venture capital.
Join journalist, actor, and filmmaker Farah Merani as she explores women’s stories of resilience, courage, and determination and discusses barriers faced as well as strategies for success with distinguished panel members: Rumina Velshi, President & CEO, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Dr. Karima Velji, Clinical Services Vice-President, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Science, and Dr. Salima Bhimani, Chief Equity & Inclusion Strategist, Alphabet Companies.
Trailblazers is a new original series, exclusively on Ismaili TV, showcasing Ismailis around the globe who have demonstrated excellence in their fields. In this episode, we are joined by Farah Williamson, co-founder of Project Shelter Wakadogo, and Director of Gulf and Strategic Partnerships at Plan International Canada. Working closely with the local community in Gulu, Uganda, Farah shares with us what motivated her to co-found Project Shelter Wakadogo whose guiding principle is putting children at the heart of everything.
Weekly program for the Portuguese Jurisdiction Jamat with the latest news, weekly agenda, and religious content.
Ismaili Centre Toronto: Frontiers of Science and Innovation Public Lecture Series Seeing the unseeable by Professor Avery Broderick, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, recounts how the Event Horizon Telescope generates images, why scientists think they have finally seen a black hole, and what it all means. He tells the incredible tale of how a global collaboration of astronomers, physicists, and engineers literally traveled to the ends of the Earth to synthesize a telescope the size of the Earth, the only instrument capable of probing the staggeringly small scales presented by black holes.
This two-part series has been adapted from the Reading for Children Programme. Part 2 is delivered by Rehana Merali, Djemilla Daya, and Gulzar Kanji. It covers how and what to read to early years children. Presented by AKEB UK.
Mawlana Hazar Imam received the Asia Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award - the Society’s most esteemed - at the organization’s Game Changer Award ceremony in New York. The awards are presented annually to individuals, organizations, and movements, that have inspired, enlightened, and shown true leadership in areas that reflect Asia Society’s core pillars of policy and business, arts and culture, and education.
Kenya experienced one of the worst droughts in memory because, critics say, it has cut down its trees. Forests used to cover 30% of the land In pre-colonial times. Now they only occupy 6% of Kenya’s space. Helen and Kenya Mutiso want to teach Kenyans how to grow forests in their own backyard and make money from medicines, skincare products, and dyes. It’s part of a nationwide effort to cover 10% of Kenya’s land with trees. A film by Kevin Njue.
To commemorate the occasion of Yawm-e-Ali, host Reena Jessa sits down with Dr. Hussein Rashid, professor at Columbia University to reflect on the life and example of Hazrat Ali. As Caliph and Imam, Hazrat Ali exemplified a notion of justice that became a model of Muslim leadership, centered on the ethics of Islam. He believed a person’s ability to act justly was intimately connected to their relationship to God and orientation towards the divine spirit.
Learn how Zendoodling can promote mindfulness, fun, and relaxation and help us manage through challenging times.
In a value-based conversation with moderator Haseena Jamal, Zainub Verjee will speak about her journey in the arts, highlighting the broad scope of her work. She will touch on a wide range of themes, including the role of art in cultural diplomacy, how art fosters civil society, collaborations in art-science-technology, and the value of art and culture during the pandemic. Zainub is a trailblazer for her generation, and this insightful webinar will explore her four decades of engagement with the arts, both in Canada and internationally.
On February 26th, 2020, the University of Central Asia (UCA) and Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust (Cambridge Trust), and extended their partnership agreement to develop faculty across Central Asia for a further three years.
United Kingdom Institutional Programme, Through the Keyhole, a look back at all of the board activities from the past few months.
Yaum‐e-Ali, Day of Ali, commemorates the birthday of Hazrat Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and who is the first Imam, in accordance with the Shia tradition of Islam. We celebrate this day with a talk with our scholars, discussing the life of Hazrat Ali.

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