Canada: Friday Night Reflections – 12 February 2021 (Farsi)

20211 hour 14 minutes, , CanadaEnglish, Farsi

As COVID vaccines begin their roll-out across the country and the world, many Jamati members have questions or are seeking more information. When can I expect to get my vaccine? How many vaccines have been approved, and how many others are in the pipeline? How effective are they? What are the side effects and risks? Who should receive it? This week on Friday Night Reflections, host Shaheed Devji sits down with our special panel members Dr. Shainoor Ismail (Public Health Agency of Canada), Dr. Karim Ali (Niagara Health), and Dr. Hamidah Meghani (Halton Health), to help answer your questions on COVID-19 vaccines in Canada. We also welcome Darkhana Mukhi Dr. Nazmuddin Bhanji, offering opening reflections on the impact of the pandemic on our lives and the road ahead for the Canadian Jamat.