Canada: Friday Night Reflections – 1 January 2021 (Farsi)

The beginning of a new calendar year provides an opportunity to reflect on our lives and set new goals as individuals and as a Jamat. Join host Aliya Jiwan-Thawer and special guest Alwaez Dr. Shiraz Kabani, as we reflect on the challenging year we leave behind and chart a course for a bold, visionary future built on the strong foundation of a united, principled, and forward-looking Jamat. President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha shares an important announcement about positioning the Jamat for the post-COVID world, while Council Presidents Samir Manji, Zahra Somani, Fauzia Lalani-Khudabux, Salim Bhanji, Noor Wais, and Shakeel Bharmal, reflect on the challenges of leadership in difficult times and offer their hopes for a brighter tomorrow.