‘Rihla’ (Journey): Part One

20201 hour 6 minutesCanada

Rihla, which means ‘journey’ in Arabic, is a Diamond Jubilee production that toured through 6 Canadian cities in 2018. Featuring over 30 artists from across Canada, Rihla takes the audience on a journey from Mawlana Sultan Mohamed Shah’s Diamond Jubilee, through to Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Takht Nashini, the 1978 Canadian Mulaqat, the Silver Jubilee, the Golden Jubilee, and the most recent Diamond Jubilee. Through dance, voice, music, and multimedia, Rihla tells the story behind our Jamat’s “Canadian Mosaic”. It showcases the rich diversity, and pluralistic vantage of cultures, languages, and unique stories of migration, struggle, growth, flourish, and community within our regions. Each Act spotlights a story told through a combination of narration and drama, inspiring musical pieces, dance performances, all with integrated multimedia. The performance will be weaved together by an overarching narrative embodying the spirit of brotherhood, generosity, and unity within the Canadian Jamat. Join us for the full showing of Rihla, for the first time on screen!