Perpetuity Podcasts S1, E1 – Delhicious Body

202344 minutesUnited Kingdom (UK)English

Perpetuity Podcasts, in association with The Aga Khan Economic Planning Board and the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board, features a conversation with Zara Saleem and Zakir Ismail, co-founders of Delhicious Body. Delhicious is an ayurvedic skincare brand championed by some of the world’s biggest names in business and beauty, with a social media audience of 4.5 million. The wife-and-husband duo speak on building a global brand from their kitchen, the state of entrepreneurship in the modern age, and the particular importance of leveraging social media to drive exposure and sales. Perpetuity Podcasts aims to bring industry leaders from all sectors to speak on their journey, the state of their fields and to offer advice to aspiring talent. UKS-158