Becoming A High Performer

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In today’s environment, it is extremely important to be a high performer in order to have a competitive advantage. Learning strategies for high performance can enable students, parents, and young professionals to stay ahead of the game. Aleem Nasser, BComm, BA, MBA., is a high-performance success coach, university instructor, speaker, author, and TedX speaker. Aleem recently did a TEDx Talk on his “Equation for Success”, where he spoke about how he has been able to use his formula to help over 2000 students and professionals achieve significantly better results in their lives, while also improving their mental and emotional state. Aleem Nasser, as he discusses: Best practices for learning, including methods that focus on both a physical and mental mindset. Why our mindset is the most critical component to success in and out of the classroom/workspace, and how we can develop and enhance it. How to improve upon traditional models of learning to obtain better results and become more efficient and productive. What parents and teachers can do to inspire and better support students to achieve their goals.