In swirls of gas and dust, planets are being born. So-called protoplanetary discs whirl around a central star, with the potential to one day form into a solar system like ours. Using high-resolution images of outer space and computer modeling, astronomer Farzana Meru takes you on a wondrous journey to explore the birth and evolution of planets.
Have you ever received a link on WhatsApp or read an article on Facebook and shared it without knowing if it was actually true? We receive information and news through a variety of media, but how do you know if it is true or not? This session will shed light on what it means to be media literate and explain why this is more important than ever. Panelists will share practical tools to help us learn how to separate facts from fiction and become more discerning media consumers.
In part 3 of a 6-part series on maximizing your potential, author and cancer survivor, Munira Premji talks with Leila Rahemtulla, management consultant and author about the skills needed to build resilience (the ability to manage challenges and setbacks when things don't go as planned).
Ismaili Centre Toronto: Frontiers of Science and Innovation Public Lecture Series Seeing the unseeable by Professor Avery Broderick, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, recounts how the Event Horizon Telescope generates images, why scientists think they have finally seen a black hole, and what it all means. He tells the incredible tale of how a global collaboration of astronomers, physicists, and engineers literally traveled to the ends of the Earth to synthesize a telescope the size of the Earth, the only instrument capable of probing the staggeringly small scales presented by black holes.
In a value-based conversation with moderator Haseena Jamal, Zainub Verjee will speak about her journey in the arts, highlighting the broad scope of her work. She will touch on a wide range of themes, including the role of art in cultural diplomacy, how art fosters civil society, collaborations in art-science-technology, and the value of art and culture during the pandemic. Zainub is a trailblazer for her generation, and this insightful webinar will explore her four decades of engagement with the arts, both in Canada and internationally.
Get a deeper understanding of the "Challenge Mindset" and how it can guide your career path. This program also introduces an alternative career exploration process that goes beyond job titles and the traditional question: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’.
A look back at some of our performance and exhibition favorites that celebrate Black history.
Join representatives and graduates from NPower Canada, an organization that launches young adults into meaningful and sustainable careers in technology, as they share tips on how to launch a successful career. Whether you're looking to switch careers or entering the workforce, this session will provide insight on the various paths you can take, the training and skills employers look for, where to get educated or credentialed, and how to succeed once you are in the industry.
What drives you to live a life that is satisfying and meaningful? Do others see you the way you see yourself? This session focuses on the process of self-discovery and bringing your best self forward. Join us for a six-part series on maximizing your potential, hosted by Munira Premji. Munira will discuss key concepts that are needed to define our purpose and bring our best self forward. This session will be moderated by Leila Rahemtulla, an instructor, management consultant, and author. Part 1 of 6.
An opportunity for high school and post-secondary students to explore various career options with either an Undergraduate or Master’s degree in Education. Join panelists as they share their experiences, opinions, and perspectives as well as the relevance of the career in the future. This episode is moderated by Natasha Walli, Program and Career Development Manager at the University of Toronto and features Zuhra Teja, International Educational Consultant; Salima Jaffer, National Adult Programs Manager with Canada Learning Code; Tasmeen Fidai, Learning Experience Designer with Tuesday Afternoon Media inc.
An inspiring conversation exploring Deaf Culture as well as the stories and life experiences of Deaf Ismailis. Panelists share their perspectives, successes, and roadmaps towards integrating their unique way of life into a cohesive Ismaili community and a larger society.
A dialogue between the mayors of Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver on the way that the ongoing pandemic has shaped the way that they understand civic life.
As families prepare to support their kids with their school and learning in September, join this webinar to discuss the opportunities and journey ahead. Health and education professionals will talk about the current state of affairs of COVID-19 in children, what the physical and mental health implications are for the return to learning, and how educators will support children and families during this pandemic.
Moderated by Faizal Khamisa, this debate will include four talented young debaters to help us reflect on issues related to equity and justice, and reflect on the true nature of America and Canada.
This month marks 35 years of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver. Join us in celebrating this milestone through a series of online events. Our second session features a special conversation with past and present institutional leaders. Moderated by CTV’s Nafeesa Karim, this promises to be an engaging discussion filled with insights into the history of the Ismaili Centre, alongside footage from the Centre’s archives. Past Council for Canada President Farouk Verjee and past Council for British Columbia President Bahadur Karim will share their experiences and fondest memories of the Centre’s opening ceremony. Discover the vision, conversations, and experiences that helped establish the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver as a keystone of our community in Canada. The session will close with Council for British Columbia President Samir Manji offering his reflections on the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver.
In today’s environment, it is extremely important to be a high performer in order to have a competitive advantage. Learning strategies for high performance can enable students, parents, and young professionals to stay ahead of the game. Aleem Nasser, BComm, BA, MBA., is a high-performance success coach, university instructor, speaker, author, and TedX speaker. Aleem recently did a TEDx Talk on his “Equation for Success”, where he spoke about how he has been able to use his formula to help over 2000 students and professionals achieve significantly better results in their lives, while also improving their mental and emotional state. Aleem Nasser, as he discusses: Best practices for learning, including methods that focus on both a physical and mental mindset. Why our mindset is the most critical component to success in and out of the classroom/workspace, and how we can develop and enhance it. How to improve upon traditional models of learning to obtain better results and become more efficient and productive. What parents and teachers can do to inspire and better support students to achieve their goals.
The Ismaili Centres are proud to present Visionary Voices: Conversations on the 35th Anniversary of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver. Please join us for a special event featuring a discussion with former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney. Mr. Mulroney reflects back on the vision for the Centre, its significance as a symbol of the Ismaili community's contributions to Canada, and its untapped potential to fulfill even more of these hopes and aspirations in the years ahead.
As defined by the Global Centre for Pluralism, pluralism is an ethic of respect for diversity. Diversity in society is a fact, but how societies respond to diversity is a choice. Pluralism results from the daily decisions taken by a community to actively engage across differences and embrace difference as a strength. Join this esteemed group of panelists as they explore, through lived experiences and discussion:
  • How pluralism helps us engage with diversity
  • How the arts help us transform academic perceptions of pluralism into action
  • How we can practically engage in pluralism as individuals
  • The program will reinforce unity through a sense of belonging, especially during this time of isolation.
How is the pandemic affecting our caregivers, specifically mothers with young children? Watch this webinar which will focus on the presentation of COVID-19 in newborn babies and young children, as well as COVID-19 transmission in breast milk. Our panel will also aim to equip mothers with coping strategies to help their young kids deal with mental health challenges related to COVID-19. Lastly, we hope to provide mothers with tools to help them manage their own COVID-19-related anxiety.

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