Host Rizwan Manji kicks off Navroz 2022 weekend with a special episode of FNR to help celebrate a new season of spiritual renewal and physical rejuvenation as One Jamat. The episode includes a chat between Farah Bundeali and President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha where they speak about recent changes to COVID-19 protocols, a reflection on the current uncertainty and areas of focus for the Jamati institutions. "Nani" makes an appearance to reflect on Navroz and current events and finally, enjoy Soulful Sounds with performances to get you in the Navroz spirit.
Navroz: A Time of Renewal is an inspirational and educational program that explores the meaning and history of Navroz, touching on the diverse ways in which the festival is celebrated in different parts of the world, and the significance of the haft seen and rozi. The show focuses on messages of rebirth, rejuvenation, and hope for the future. It incorporates verses of the Qur’an, quotes from Mawlana Hazar Imam, and devotional poetry from the Persian, Arabic, and South Asian traditions.
Host Nina Hirji Kheraj and Dr. Shiraz Kabani, author of Ismaili Festivals, explore the stories of celebration and lived experiences of Ismailis that inspired the book. Combining lively storytelling and personal anecdotes, Dr. Kabani provides a first-hand account of festivals as they are celebrated across the diverse, global Jamat. This conversation was held live at the Ismaili Centre, London on February 10, 2022, and presented by the Institute of Ismaili Studies and ITREB UK.
Learn about the extraordinary impact of the conservation and renovation-driven urban development undertaken by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture India and its partners. The years-long initiative has resulted in a significant impact on the cultural, architectural, ecological, and economic landscape in a historic part of New Delhi bringing together the World Heritage Site of Humayun’s Tomb, Sundar Nursery, Nizamuddin Basti, and acres of the surrounding area.
این برنامه به گفتگو با آقای دکتر داریوش محمدپور، نویسنده‌ی کتاب درباره‌ی شبکه‌ی توسعه‌ی آقاخان و امامت اسماعیلی می‌پردازد.// Ин барнома ба гуфтугу бо Доктор Дориюш Муҳаммадпур, нависандаи китоб дар бораи Шабакаи Тавсиъаи Оғохон ва Имомати Исмоилӣ мепардозад.// This programme is a conversation with Dr. Daryoush Mohammad Poor, the author of the book about the AKDN and the Ismaili Imamat institutions.
On the occasion of Yawm-e Ali, The Ismaili is pleased to present Every breath, a devotional composition in praise of Hazrat Ali, composed by Fez Meghani and performed by Saif Sattani.
A panel discussion with three incredible women who have paved their own paths to success and have become thriving entrepreneurs in very different industries.
Climate change is one of the most urgent threats facing us, and as we work to rebuild our economies post-pandemic, it is critical to focus on a green recovery that centres on climate justice. What should a green recovery look like, what does climate justice mean, and what are the barriers facing us? These are just a few of the questions discussed in this illuminating session.
The Fast Forward Future: What is the new normal? What are emerging technologies that are disrupting our future? What are the tangible impacts that they are going to have? Are our youth prepared for the next generation?
Cryptocurrencies are said to be democratizing money and leveling the playing field. Investors are looking for their investments to have positive impacts on society as much as their portfolios. Is it possible for these new financial trends to help investors and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses while operating within an ethical framework?
In order to advance more pluralistic societies, policymakers, practitioners, and changemakers must be able to identify the gaps in their country’s treatment of diverse individuals and work towards inclusion over time. Could this be achieved through Allyship?
As we eventually emerge from this crisis, will we work differently? Leaders from top organizations in North America discuss lessons learned from the work from a home model and what the future of work will look like.
A fireside chat with Nadim Hirji, Head of Canadian Commercial Banking at BMO, and Douglas Porter, BMO's Chief Economist; they explore the state of the global economy and provide their thoughts and insights about a post COVID recovery.
The EntreprenHERship Tea brings together and celebrates women entrepreneurs who have shown incredible entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and resilience to protect and strengthen their business and their community.
The Canadian healthcare system faces ongoing pressure to adopt new equipment and technology for improving healthcare administration and delivery. This session looks at how the pandemic has pushed forward sophistication of technology, AI, and delivery methods while also exposing problems within the system - from supply chain breakdowns to staff shortages and burnout, impacts on disadvantaged communities, and remote communities.
Learn about the skills, education, abilities, experience, and knowledge characteristics that make someone more employable, today and in the future.
The gender wage gap is real, affects women across the board, and was made far worse during the pandemic. This session looks at why women are still fighting for pay equity and what can be done to close the gap.
In a one-time-only concert, four electrifying vocalists with roots in the African continent honour the role of women and mothers in carrying on musical traditions.
A panel discussion that provides perspectives on the current landscape, regional trends, housing, and rental apartment markets, supply chain issues, affordability, and a look at what’s ahead.

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