Show Me How brings you a tutorial on how to make a healthy and delicious vegetable pasta. You will need: 1 pack spaghetti, 2 vegetable stock cubes, 140g frozen peas, 100g peppers, 190g green pesto, 1 pack fresh basil, 15 small fresh plum tomatoes, 6tbsp olive oil, grated parmesan cheese (optional). Presented by AKYSB UK Youth Club Network
A step-by-step tutorial on making the perfect carrot cake. Ingredients: 155ml sunflower oil 230g self-raising flour 1 sp baking powder 1.5 tsp ground cinnamon 0.5 tsp mixed spice 1.5 tsp ground ginger 230g light brown muscavado sugar 100g pecans (halved) 260g carrots (coarsely grated) 3 medium eggs 50g butter 200g full-fat cream cheese 100g icing sugar. Presented by Youth Club Network AKYSB UK
Show Me How series brings you, Zentangle Art, with Sharmin! All you need is A4 paper and some pens. Presented by AKYSB UK Youth Club Network.
Learn how to make delectable desserts with Nasreen Karim. Dunking cookies are perfectly dunkable in milk, coffee or chai, and fresh Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake is a refreshing drink the whole family will enjoy. Get the whole family involved in baking and add in some fun variations that everyone will love!
Khaana Khazana presents a special Navroz episode with a brand new list of recipes! Learn how to make Nargisi Kababs, Vegetarian Muthia, Hara Kheema, and Fruit Trifle.
Karima Kassam and her Mami, Malek, teach how to make delicious recipes: Keema Masoor Biryani and Lapsi. Get your aprons on and your mixing bowls ready, you're definitely in for an exciting class!
Learn the ancient art of Kufic Calligraphy from Jalal Gilani. The Kufic script has long been used as a preferred calligraphy style for Quranic transcription and architectural decoration. It is characterized by angular, rectilinear letterforms and their horizontal orientation. Re-create basic structural forms of Arabic and Urdu letters into geometric designs, a technique that feels much like solving a puzzle.
What are you cooking for Imamat Day? Jamati members from across the South Asia region prepare traditional and new festive recipes for Imamat Day. Learn how to make Junagadi Kebabs, Chicken Wings, Pad Ga Prao Gai, Kung Pao Chicken, Rouz Bil Haleeb, and Shahi Tukda.
Have you ever wanted to draw beautiful mendhi patterns? Watch as Alisha shows you her technique. You will need paper, a pencil, a pen and a mendhi cone (optional). Presented by AKYSB UK.
Prepare to celebrate Navroz with Khaana Khazana! Join us for a brand new list of recipes to bring in your Navroz celebration at home.
Let Nabila show you how to make delicious brownies! You will need 85g Butter, 200g Light Brown Sugar, 70g Nutella or spread of your choice, 1 large egg, 120g plain flour, 45g oats, 1 tsp baking powder, 90g chocolate chips, 60g chocolate of your choice, a pinch of salt. Presented by AKYSB UK.
Alisha Bardai shares a live tutorial on how to paint a glorious sunset using acrylic paints. All are welcome to recreate their own landscape at home! You will need Pencil, eraser, ruler, paints, A4 sheet/sketching paper, brushes, water, tissue. Presented by AKYSB UK.
Learn how Zendoodling can promote mindfulness, fun, and relaxation and help us manage through challenging times.
Khaana Khazana is back! Join young chefs from India, Portugal, Germany, USA, and the UK as they whip up a celebratory range of cakes and cookies on the weekend before Salgirah.
Salgirah celebrations continue, so join us for Cake Decorating with Ruhee Momin!
Salgirah celebrations continue the Cake Showcase workshop! Learn the basics of how to bake a cake from scratch with Beena Hassan.
Join Shabnam Jessa and her mother, Yasmin Gaidhar, as they lead a Gujarati and English cooking class, and show us how to make a delicious treat: badam pak. Put on your aprons, and get your mixing bowls ready!
Learn how to create origami art for your family and friends as Elisha Shivji (Tanzania) takes you through this tutorial to create an origami crane and lotus flower. You’ll need standard A4 size printer paper (white and colored), a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and a thread or rubber band. Happy folding!

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