Join AKEB Tanzania as they showcase opportunities for higher education in Tanzania through a panel of guest speakers who have shared their experience about how their education in Tanzania has supported their career path.
The Women's Activities Portfolio, Tanzania brings you a new Chat over Chai session. Join Nutaila Hirji of the Women's Activities Portfolio for Tanzania who speaks to Educational Psychologist, Tahseen Shariff who delves into understanding a child's learning potential and how parents can support their children through their developmental milestones.
AKEB Uganda: Parenting Matters Teens, Educationist, Parenting Counselor, and Motivational Speaker by Aneela Altaf Mukhi.
Aga Khan Health Board and Aga Khan Education Board for Uganda brings a Parental Care webinar series for Empowering New Parents Parental Care.
Active parental involvement can be defined as the ongoing participation of a parent or primary caregiver in his or her child's education. Parents may demonstrate this through involvement at home-by reading with their children, helping with homework, and discussing school events-or at school, and simply encouraging and supporting the child in their daily life. The Aga Khan Education Board for Tanzania speaks to two sets of parents who delve into the topic of active parenting, their parenting styles, and how they are involved in their children's daily life.
Tania Budhiraja (UK) explains how to support a child's health and development in their early years, including managing anxieties.
Tasneem Ramji, a Child Psychologist, talks about learning through play followed by a Q&A

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