Kenya’s youth will save their wildlife, only if they appreciate what they’ve inherited in their National Parks and Conservancies. Guided by local conservationists, the children will experience the first time thrill of spotting endangered Baringo giraffes and the spectacular flamingo flocks of Lake Bogoria. A film by Joan Kabugu.
Are you curious about how human interactions impact the earth and its resources? Join us as we explore the role and future of our environment and energy.
Focus Humanitarian Assistance USA celebrates 25 years of international humanitarian aid, emergency response, disaster risk reduction, developing resilient communities, and supporting climate action efforts with the Aga Khan Development Network. Join panelists as they highlight and discuss achievements over the past 25 years.
The Art of Being Smart is a kind of high-performance coaching program created for high school and post-secondary students. The unique concepts are personally taught by Aleem Nasser (MBA) - the president and founder of The Art of Being Smart. Aleem is an author, university instructor, international speaker, and entrepreneur who has taught his "equation for success" to over 4000 individuals worldwide and has consulted with many global institutions.
Kenya is lucky to have some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world but increasingly it’s in conflict with local people. The big question is: Do they even care? If not why? Are their concerns legitimate? Is the value of biodiversity and pristine habitat only recognized by tourists & international NGO’s, who dominate the discussion? The film is based on the voices of people living on the edge of nature: a dairy farmer next to Nairobi’s National Park, a farm family raising corn next to the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, and a Maasai cattle herder next to the Mara Reserve. It’s a critical debate for local conservationists trying to stop the destruction of nature. A film by Herman Chege.
Human beings are living longer and healthier lives thanks to the ever-expanding frontiers in medicine. Join us as we explore exciting advancements and what the future of the field holds.
Join representatives and graduates from NPower Canada, an organization that launches young adults into meaningful and sustainable careers in technology, as they share tips on how to launch a successful career. Whether you're looking to switch careers or entering the workforce, this session will provide insight on the various paths you can take, the training and skills employers look for, where to get educated or credentialed, and how to succeed once you are in the industry.
What is user experience and how can students prepare themselves for a career in it? In this episode, Azmina Karimi (Senior User Experience Designer at Audible) shares her story and advice for high school and university students.
Azmina Jiwa, a personal life coach and author of "Freedom to Be Me", takes us through an insightful journey in this webinar by the Community Counseling Services of Tanzania. Learn about how you can reach your full potential to live a more meaningful life.
In 2016, Kenya organized the largest ivory burn in history, in an attempt to stop the poaching of elephants. For Kuki Gallmann, from the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, Africa’s elephant slaughter is personal. Some of the ivory she and her rangers have seized were part of the funeral pyres in Nairobi National Park. She has paid an enormous personal price for her commitment to conservation, but she vows never to give up. From her battle to stop the cattle invasion on her conservancy to her attempts to foster peace during the annual Highland Games, this Italian born Kenyan citizen has seen it all. But nothing prepared her for being ambushed and shot by illegal grazers. A film by Andrew Tkach.
Have you ever wondered how our universe came to be? Join us as we explore how our universe functions through the lens of astrophysics.
Interested in a career in public service? In this episode, Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak (Head of Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education at the European Commission) discusses the impact of emerging career trends in the public sector on high school and university students.
This episode of Thinking Ahead will explore what it really means to contribute to civil society and why it is important for us. Hear from Naguib Kheraj and Julie Nazerali how they have embedded the ethic of service into their professional lives and how their faith has contributed to their journey and their choices.⁠
What drives you to live a life that is satisfying and meaningful? Do others see you the way you see yourself? This session focuses on the process of self-discovery and bringing your best self forward. Join us for a six-part series on maximizing your potential, hosted by Munira Premji. Munira will discuss key concepts that are needed to define our purpose and bring our best self forward. This session will be moderated by Leila Rahemtulla, an instructor, management consultant, and author. Part 1 of 6.
In the second part of “End of the River” John-Allan Namu documents how a severe brought has impacted Kenya’s northern rangelands. Competing tribesmen have attacked livestock and burned down fences and buildings of ranches and conservancies in Laikipia. Are Kenya’s cattle wars a harbinger of what is to come, as rivers dry up and grasslands turn into wastelands? A film by Sam Munia and John-Allan Namu.
Climate Change is one of the most time-sensitive and pressing anthropogenic issues of our time. Join us as we explore Climate Science and how we can be better stewards towards our Earth and the human race.
Join us for a discussion with the Aga Khan Development Network Resident Diplomatic Representatives of Canada, Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as they illustrate how the local context shapes the networks work while understanding the broader connection between the global projects.

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