Eid ul-Fitr - A Glimpse into our Past In this ITREB Talks, Alwaeza Dr. Shainool Jiwa reflects on how Eid ul-Fitr was celebrated in Fatimid times.
ITREB UK Ambiguity, Love and Longing in the Urdu ghazal. Ali Sethi in conversation with Professor Ali Asani - 15 August 2020.
Imamat Day Celebrations: ITREB India Message | Rehnumai ki Rehmat by Alwaez Abdul Ali Dhanani.
Dr. Shainool Jiwa takes us on a journey to understand the values of our tradition and how they have found expression in manifestations of the Imam-murid relationship, as well as created more inclusive and equitable societal frameworks. A special Imamat Day presentation.
Join ITREB India for Saaptahik Sandesh explores the root of the word Barakah and reminds us of the importance of gratitude in our everyday lives.
Join ITREB India this evening for an informative seminar on the meaning and significance of Mi'raj. The festival of Mi‘raj signifies the ascent to heaven by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his family). However, esoteric interpretations of Islam tend to emphasise the spiritual significance of Mi‘raj. Today's seminar focuses on the esoteric significance, discussing Mi'raj as a symbol of the journey of the soul, and the human potential to rise above the trappings of material life – through prayer, piety, and discipline.

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