To continue celebrating Mawlana Hazar Imam's 85th Birthday, The Ismaili Sounds pleased to present Iltija, featuring Pakistani folk and Sufi artist Sanam Marvi along with Jamil Assani.
به مناسبت جشن مولود مولانا حاضرامام، این برنامه نگاه مختصری می‌اندازد به کوشش‌های مولانا حاضرامام محبوبمان برای تحقق وجدان اجتماعی اسلام و بهبود کیفیت زندگی جماعت و کسانی که جماعت در میان آن‌ها زندگی می‌کنند. // On the occasion of Salgirah, this program will briefly look at our beloved Hazar Imam’s activities for the realisation of the social conscience of Islam and improving the quality of life of the Jamat and the people amongst whom they live. // Ин барнома ба муносибати ҷашни мавлуди Мавлоно Ҳозир Имом ба таври мухтасар ба фаъолиятҳои Ҳозир Имоми маҳбубамон дар ҷиҳати таҳаққуқи виҷдони иҷтимоии Исломӣ ва баланд бардоштани сатҳи зиндагии ҷамоъат ва мардумоне, ки дар миёни онҳо зиндагӣ мекунанд, назар мегузорад.
As part of our series of Salgirah song releases, The Ismaili is pleased to present Girya O Zari, performed by Taufiq Karmali. The song is a request for our heartfelt wishes and prayers to be accepted, and for the strength to overcome difficulties.
Tahseen Sakina, Pakistan's new Sufi music sensation, gives a riveting performance in a concert specially crafted to celebrate the 85th Salgirah of our Beloved Hazar Imam. The show features some of the best-loved mystical pieces known to audiences from around the world.
Featuring young Ismaili artists and performers from around the world coming together to wish felicitations to Mawlana Hazar Imam and the global Jamat on the occasion of Salgirah.
Dr. Shiraz Kabani reflects upon how the Imam-of-the-Time’s guidance over a number of decades has profoundly shaped the lives of the Jamat, and enhanced our quality of life, both material and spiritual.
To coincide with the Jamat’s Salgirah celebrations, The Ismaili Sounds is pleased to present a rendition of Aaj Badhe Anand Re, performed by Zohra Kassam. The lyrics of this well-known Gujarati geet express joy on a day of glad tidings for the murids of the Imam-of-the-Time.
The Ismaili is pleased to present Virtually Happy Birthday, performed by the Dhun Kids. In the song, young members of the Jamat express birthday wishes to the Imam-of-the-Time in their own special way.
What is a hero? What makes someone special? Get your capes ready to fly around the world as we meet real-life heroes from 20 countries who are embarking on a Salgirah mission like no other. You might even discover your own superpowers along the way!
A The Ismaili TV production, this film tells the story of a diverse group of individuals and their interpretations of this epic 12th-century Sufi poem, each seeking to understand its relevance to the challenges of our modern age. Drawing on the Talim Primary Four Book - a Fountain of Stories, the film focuses on the first part of the journey and draws parallels with the role of Mawlana Hazar Imam as our Guiding Light. The stories feature actors from the global Jamat and are interspersed with moving recitations of Ismaili devotional literature (Ginans and Qasidas) and beautiful visual animations.
Performed at the Ismaili Centre Dushanbe, Tajik artists celebrate the joy and love of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Mawlud (Salgirah). This is a beautifully staged musical program based on Shamsi Tabrezi poems on devotion to divine love.
A one-of-a-kind musical celebration that tells a story of what the Imam means to us at every stage of our life. Ismaili Sounds that you know and love from around the world, arranged with spoken word elements, unite in an epic medley to share a message of shukrana on the occasion of Mawlana Hazar Imam's 85th birthday.
Dr. Shiraz Kabani reflects upon how the Imam-of-the-Time’s guidance over a number of decades has profoundly shaped the lives of the Jamat, and enhanced our quality of life, both material and spiritual.
A special Salgirah edition of Friday Night Reflections reflects on the Imamat of Mawlana Hazar Imam, commemorating this special occasion and expressing Shukrana on 85 years of the light that lights the heart.
Indulge in enjoyable memories of the Salgirah celebration through Ismaili Geets (songs). A journey of a few words that speak volumes about the relationship between the Imam of the time and His murids.
Watch kids from Pakistan, celebrate Salgirah of Mawlana Hazir Imam by presenting poems, songs, skits for the Jamat's entertainment.
How are vaccines tested and approved for safety? When might we expect a vaccine to be available for the general public? What’s it like working on the front lines of healthcare during the pandemic? Host Malika Karim-Rajan joins Dr. Shainoor Ismail, Dr. Irfan Dhalla, and Dr. Tasleem Nimjee to tackle these questions and more, on COVID-19 and the promise of hope with the arrival of vaccines. This week, President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha also joins us to provide a retrospective of our Jamati response to the pandemic over the past year and pay tribute to the volunteers behind the scenes who have made it happen.
A special edition of Friday Night Reflections kicks off Salgirah weekend, featuring an evening of love, laughter, and light. We will travel across the country with hosts Zahra Premji, Farah Nasser, Attiya Hirji, Fahima Sultani, Malika Karim-Rajan, and Ziyah Karmali, for a celebration you won't want to miss! President Ameerally Kassim-Lakha joins to share Salgirah greetings and felicitations on behalf of the Canadian Jamati Leadership. Then gather the family around to compete in the Khushiali Kahoot gameshow.
Salgirah Greetings from Canada. The leadership of the Jamat in Canada shares a message of joy, hope, and shukrana as we celebrate our Imam's 84th birthday.
What is the significance of a birthday in Imam's life? Let's recall past milestone birthday celebrations, explore the life and Imamat of Mawlana Hazar Imam, and enjoy inspiring expressions of devotion.

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