During the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Jubilee Games, the Mazij AlMusiqaa Ensemble entrances the audience with a musical mash-up of contemporary qawwali to alternative rock grooves.
The Global Concert is a featured signature event, which embraces our diversity and celebrates our unity through music and culture to create excitement about the 2016 Jubilee Games.
AKYSB UK presents Singalong Saturday: Shukran is a beautiful piece collaboratively composed by members of ‘Ruhi’, a multi-cultural musical ensemble, celebrates diversity through music. It seamlessly brings together melodic, soulful raags from the East, spiritually uplifting styles from the Middle East, and upbeat rhythms of the West, also highlighting a rap! Diversity is also reflected in the lyrics covering four languages, Arabic, Hindi, English, Persian, taking inspiration from esteemed poets like Rumi. Embedded throughout the song are the heart felt sentiments of a murid for their Lord, with the words ‘Shukran! Ya Noor Azalee!’ Our gratitude, O Eternal Light!

A musical performance by Anthem of Joy from Pakistan, performed during the Jubilee Arts International Talent Showcase in Lisbon, Portugal on the afternoon of 8 July 2018.

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