Voices from the Roof of the World: ​Seeing Red – Saving Red Pandas​​​​​ | S3-Ep9

"There may be only 2,500 Red Pandas left in the wild. A native species of the Eastern Himalayas, these beautiful creatures are especially susceptible to rising temperatures and high-altitude land use changes. In a new upcoming episode of Voices from the Roof of the World, we see panda cubs growing up in an Indian zoo and the difficulty of breeding Red Pandas in captivity. Dr. Basavaraj Holeyachi and zoo biologist Pranita Gupta, lead the breeding program which aims to release this charismatic species back into the wild bamboo forests bordering India and Nepal. That is where Red Pandas will face the challenges of competing with farmers who are often denuding the lush landscape. ​​ Series Producer: Andrew Tkach​​ Episode Director: Mun​mun Dhalaria"