Salgirah Greetings from Australia and New Zealand. The leadership of the Jamat in Australia and New Zealand shares a message of joy, hope, and shukrana as we celebrate our Imam's 84th birthday.
This short webinar discusses the causes, risk factors, screening, and management of hearing loss.
This webinar, primarily for seniors and new internet users, shows how to stay safe and secure when using the internet and social media, how to recognize and protect yourself from scams. Presented by Niyaz Noorali, Security Assurance Program Manager at Amazon Web Services, Singapore.
This webinar on pluralism explores the diverse expressions of faith practiced by communities globally. Introduced by Khushboo Panjwani with content presented by Alwaezeen Farhana Zaveri and Dr Malik Khalfan.
A short entertaining drama by the Golden Club seniors from Australia & New Zealand showing how modern technology can be used to stay connected, healthy, and safe during the COVID pandemic.
Parents and Children of the Australia & New Zealand Jamat show their appreciation in recognition of the dedication and commitment of the ECD teachers in taking the classes virtual during the pandemic lockdown time.
The pandemic has raised many questions surrounding faith and intellect. Watch this fascinating dialogue by youth: Junnade and Akyl, content supported by Alwaeza Farhana Zaveri and STEP teacher Ferina Bhaidani and introduced by Nail Satani.
“Thank you to the Champions” is a tribute song to our heroes, the frontline workers who have been instrumental in keeping everyone safe during these difficult times and who deserve our heartiest appreciation and applause.

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