This webinar is a deeper dive into the freelance journey. Learn about prospecting, growth hacking, and how to communicate effectively with clients to win more proposals in the gig economy.
The more digital you get, the more data you have. There is no perfect data. It’s how we handle it. The signal the data is giving you is an opportunity. Useful for other countries in the region if Russian subtitles can be added. 2019, Kyrgyzstan at the Conference on Digital Transformation in Central Asia, a collaboration of UCA with High Technology Park, Kyrgyzstan.
Make the most of your time together at home with this beginner-level lesson on how to build a website.
LinkedIn is no longer your online resume, it’s your digital brand and reputation. Please join Azim Mitha in an interactive IPN MasterClass on enhancing your personal brand using your LinkedIn profile. Presented by the Council for the Far East.
Watch the next instalment in the Economic Webinar Series about starting a business from your home, featuring: Frozan Sadat, Founder of Mission Cleaning Service, Hafiz Mitha, Founder & CEO of the Playcity App, and Isaac Achal, Founder of the Isaac Achal Corporation. Moderated by Al-Karim Khimji, Director of the Shirin Group.
The recent rapid growth in artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, as well as changes in the structure of work, have generated numerous questions about what the future of work will look like. The pandemic has accelerated a number of these changes in ways that would have been difficult to imagine. Understanding the challenges and opportunities these developments present us with will help us prepare for our participation in the future of work. Business journalist Ali Velshi joins Zain Velji for a conversation where they explore The Future of Work and how the Jamat can prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Recorded in Kyrgyzstan in 2019 at the Conference on Digital Transformation in Central Asia, Ravi Pendse, PhD, speaks about the changes that have impacted our world and how that change impacts the future of our work. The conference is a collaboration between the University of Central Asia and High Technology Park.
Join us for a conversation about returning to work safely, as well as the legal considerations for employers/employees as operations restart.

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