A short entertaining drama by the Golden Club seniors from Australia & New Zealand showing how modern technology can be used to stay connected, healthy, and safe during the COVID pandemic.
Parents and Children of the Australia & New Zealand Jamat show their appreciation in recognition of the dedication and commitment of the ECD teachers in taking the classes virtual during the pandemic lockdown time.
The pandemic has raised many questions surrounding faith and intellect. Watch this fascinating dialogue by youth: Junnade and Akyl, content supported by Alwaeza Farhana Zaveri and STEP teacher Ferina Bhaidani and introduced by Nail Satani.
“Thank you to the Champions” is a tribute song to our heroes, the frontline workers who have been instrumental in keeping everyone safe during these difficult times and who deserve our heartiest appreciation and applause.
Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie in the stars of the night sky? And for that matter, the heavens and earth? Join us as we explore the fields of astronomy, space, and the immensity of divine creation.
On the final day of Mediation Week, our conversations will center around how we prepare for the future during these very challenging and unprecedented times. We will discuss new trends in conflict resolution with a view to building on the foundations we have already invested in, with an eagerness to learn and improve.
Alykhan Kassam shares his personal insights into the trials and tribulations of a decade long rollercoaster with Multiple Sclerosis, including an intense stem cell transplant. A key aim of this session explored personal coping mechanisms and how he increased his capacity to be comfortable with the discomforts and challenges of life.
This webinar focuses on the growth and potential opportunities for E-Commerce and Digital Payments in the region.
On Day 4 of Mediation Week, we explore issues of migration and how the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Boards assist murids in resolving disputes across borders and when they settle in different countries.
Learn how to create origami art for your family and friends as Elisha Shivji (Tanzania) takes you through this tutorial to create an origami crane and lotus flower. You’ll need standard A4 size printer paper (white and colored), a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and a thread or rubber band. Happy folding!
Ismaili Centre Conversations. Multi-Generational Wealth Management and Protection It is essential now more than ever for each family to understand the importance of generational wealth management. This episode will help ensure that your family's wealth and legacy are appropriately managed and passed on from one generation to the next.
On Day 3 of Mediation Week, we will explore the importance of a strong family and how harmony in our families can secure a firm foundation for building for the future.
Aga Khan Health Board and Aga Khan Education Board for Uganda brings a Parental Care webinar series for Empowering New Parents Parental Care.
On Day 2 of Mediation Week, we will discuss the importance of providing the young in our Jamat the skills to mediate and resolve day-to-day issues with ease and comfort, honing their emotional intelligence and internalizing the ethics of our faith in daily practice.
Gary Kamemoto takes us through the 16-year journey of Maki & Associates as they design and construct three iconic buildings: the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and the Aga Khan Centre in London.
Mediation Week is recognized in countries worldwide every October to highlight the value of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a constructive and cost-effective alternative to litigation. This year, the Ismaili International Conciliation and Arbitration Board are presenting a series of programs that provide information about conflict resolution based on in the context of this year’s “Access to Justice – The Role of Mediation.” On Day 1 of Mediation Week, we learn about the role of ethics in disputes and how the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Boards help the Jamat resolve disputes by encouraging an ethical culture of mediation.
Protect yourself and others around you by knowing the facts and taking appropriate precautions. Follow the advice provided by your local health authority.
Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series 2017, Annual Milad al-Nabi Lecture entitled. "The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - a model for our time." Presented by Raficq Abdulla MA (Oxon.) MBE Lawyer, Poet, and Author.

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