In this presentation by Alwaez Faisal Ali on July 26, 2020, he articulates the long tradition of Seva(service) in our faith touching on the history of the Ismaili Volunteer Corps and how Seva can be seen as a sacred duty- one that is guided by the ethical principles of our faith and an intelligent understanding of the needs of the Jamat.
To celebrate International Volunteer Day, we look back on a whole century of service by our IVC team around the world. We also look back on the work of those who have volunteered their Time and Knowledge Nazrana, since the time of Mawlana Hazar Imam's Golden Jubilee.
Volunteers are the heart of our community. Hear a few short stories and recollections of volunteers from across Tanzania about their experience.
Motivational speaker Azim Jamal talks about how each one of us can ignite a spark within ourselves, even in the most difficult of circumstances, by creating balance in our lives. He sheds light on how pursuing one's goals is important, but prioritizing one's life between what is most important to oneself is even more crucial.
During this global pandemic, members of our community — from kids to seniors — have stepped up to give back and make a difference.

The Aga Khan Academy Maputo is committed to developing future leaders by delivering Excellence in Education. We offer merit-based admission to our International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at our purpose-built world-class campus in Maputo, Mozambique. Watch our newly released video to learn more about our unique offering, or visit for further information.

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