Special Speaker Series - Positive Problem-Solving Skills: Solving Problems with Empathy Navigating Through Conflict. This episode tries to provide tools to overcome conflicts when they occur in different scenarios.
AKEB UAE Ethics and Spirituality in Early Years with Dr. Almina Pardhan, Assistant Professor at Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development.
Taking a deeper dive into the understanding of mental health, physical health, and spiritual health and how are they related by Kamaluddin Ali Mohammad.
This webinar is in-depth knowledge about budgeting and savings which will help in planning an individual's life cycle on a day-to-day basis or accordingly.
This webinar will cover how digital marketing can enhance your business i. e through social media platforms and also for the individuals who are planning to start or grow their business through social media platforms.
Looking at each individual family member’s physical and psychological well-being as well as the quality of relationships between each family member is important in understanding how to promote happiness within a family unit.
With the rapid growth of technologies and global communication, the value of a well-written, impactful LinkedIn profile cannot be underestimated. Do you have everything you need to succeed?
This webinar is a deeper dive into the freelance journey. Learn about prospecting, growth hacking, and how to communicate effectively with clients to win more proposals in the gig economy.
This episode covers details of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, training, and career paths.

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