Lake Naivasha has the largest population of African fish eagles in the world, despite the fact that Naivasha city has grown to a million people and hosts one of the main export earners of Kenya – the flower industry. Although the lake is under severe pressure, a Kenyan-born raptor scientist Dr. Munir Virani tries to explain why the eagles are doing so well and how to save their precious home. A film by Munir Virani & Kiran Ghadge.
Parents and Children of the Australia & New Zealand Jamat show their appreciation in recognition of the dedication and commitment of the ECD teachers in taking the classes virtual during the pandemic lockdown time.
Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie in the stars of the night sky? And for that matter, the heavens and earth? Join us as we explore the fields of astronomy, space, and the immensity of divine creation.
Learn how to greet, use sign language to start basic conversations and how to call the members of your family. An AKEB/AKSWB initiative from the UK.
Aga Khan Health Board and Aga Khan Education Board for Uganda brings a Parental Care webinar series for Empowering New Parents Parental Care.
Part 2 of Ziwa Victoria documents unsound environmental practices along the Great Lake’s shoreline: the replacement of indigenous rainforests with palm oil plantations, artisanal gold mines that leach mercury, uncontrolled use of pesticides, and sewage pollution. They all contribute to oxygen depletion and the spread of water hyacinth, choking the lake. The film also looks at possible solutions to save Africa’s greatest lake. A film by Benj Binks.
This is an AKEB and AKSWB 8-week introduction to British Sign Language. In the first session, you will learn how to sign the alphabet, say your name, and use basic conversational phrases.
Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series 2017, Annual Milad al-Nabi Lecture entitled. "The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - a model for our time." Presented by Raficq Abdulla MA (Oxon.) MBE Lawyer, Poet, and Author.
Active parental involvement can be defined as the ongoing participation of a parent or primary caregiver in his or her child's education. Parents may demonstrate this through involvement at home-by reading with their children, helping with homework, and discussing school events-or at school, and simply encouraging and supporting the child in their daily life. The Aga Khan Education Board for Tanzania speaks to two sets of parents who delve into the topic of active parenting, their parenting styles, and how they are involved in their children's daily life.
"Water to Dust” explores the threat faced by Africa’s largest desert lake, Lake Turkana. Its principal water source, the Omo River, has been dammed in neighboring Ethiopia. If the lake dries up, hundreds of thousands of Kenyans will lose their livelihoods as fishermen. Cattle grazing, previously the main activity of pastoral tribes in the region, is now impossible because of spreading deserts and climate change. Will Kenya allow another Aral Sea disaster to happen? A film by Narissa Allibhai & Mitchelle Jangara.
An inspiring conversation exploring Deaf Culture as well as the stories and life experiences of Deaf Ismailis. Panelists share their perspectives, successes, and roadmaps towards integrating their unique way of life into a cohesive Ismaili community and a larger society.
A dialogue between the mayors of Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver on the way that the ongoing pandemic has shaped the way that they understand civic life.
As families prepare to support their kids with their school and learning in September, join this webinar to discuss the opportunities and journey ahead. Health and education professionals will talk about the current state of affairs of COVID-19 in children, what the physical and mental health implications are for the return to learning, and how educators will support children and families during this pandemic.
Moderated by Faizal Khamisa, this debate will include four talented young debaters to help us reflect on issues related to equity and justice, and reflect on the true nature of America and Canada.
The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center is pleased to bring you Community Barriers to Economic Prosperity: A Virtual Town Hall with Stacey Abrams, in recognition of National Voter Registration Day. Join us as we discuss solutions to the deep challenges faced by the southern states and opportunities for civic engagement.⁣
This month marks 35 years of the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver. Join us in celebrating this milestone through a series of online events. Our second session features a special conversation with past and present institutional leaders. Moderated by CTV’s Nafeesa Karim, this promises to be an engaging discussion filled with insights into the history of the Ismaili Centre, alongside footage from the Centre’s archives. Past Council for Canada President Farouk Verjee and past Council for British Columbia President Bahadur Karim will share their experiences and fondest memories of the Centre’s opening ceremony. Discover the vision, conversations, and experiences that helped establish the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver as a keystone of our community in Canada. The session will close with Council for British Columbia President Samir Manji offering his reflections on the Ismaili Centre, Vancouver.
This primary webinar aims to help with improving your understanding of common difficulties children might encounter when learning maths, knowledge of how number concepts are taught at school, confidence in using strategies, and activities to support maths development at home.
The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center presents an up-close and personal look at the George W. Bush presidency as captured by Eric Draper during his eight years as the Director of the White House Photo Office and President Bush’s personal photographer. Join us for a moderated discussion on Draper’s journey as a photojournalist and a behind-the-scenes look at some of the iconic images he captured.⁣
The Ismaili Centre, London, presents an exciting and humorous conversation between Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee, author of "Diasporic Distractions: New Faces in New Places”, and East African Swahili playwright Dr. Farouk Topan. Together they explore the existential realities of Asians in Africa during the 20th century, utilising popular fiction and anecdotes.
In recognition of the upcoming International Day of Democracy, the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center is pleased to bring you, “Strengthening Our Democracy.” Join us for conversations with U.S. Senator David Perdue and Candidate Jon Ossoff as they share their views on democracy and how to strengthen the United States of America.

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