Ismaili Centre Toronto: Frontiers of Science and Innovation Public Lecture Series Seeing the unseeable by Professor Avery Broderick, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, recounts how the Event Horizon Telescope generates images, why scientists think they have finally seen a black hole, and what it all means. He tells the incredible tale of how a global collaboration of astronomers, physicists, and engineers literally traveled to the ends of the Earth to synthesize a telescope the size of the Earth, the only instrument capable of probing the staggeringly small scales presented by black holes.
Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous cette interview de Mawlana Hazar Imam accordée à la chaine libanaise LBC en novembre 2001. (with English subtitles).
Ismaili Centre International Lecture Multilateral Diplomacy in A Complex world, by Professor Athar Sultan Khan at Ismaili Centre, Lisbon - 11 October 2019.
Annual Milad-al-Nabi Lecture Presented by Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies, University of Edinburgh School of Divinity. This lecture was held at the Ismaili Centre, Toronto on 15 January 2019, to commemorate Milad-al-Nabi.

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