Badakhshan, home to the beautiful Pamir Mountains, is rich in culture and tradition. This film explores the customs and traditions as spring comes to the area.
Interview with Ramzi Shamirov, one of the outstanding and well-known members of the Tajik Jamat and the only Olympic referee Category A, working in the International Judo Federation from Tajikistan.
Navroz or “New Day” is Tajikistan’s biggest holiday, marking the beginning of spring. On these festive days spring comes entirely to the ancient Tajik land and it may be finally seen in its fine splendor. For the Tajiks, Navroz represents a festival of friendship and renewal of all living beings. The film shows the customs and traditions of celebrating Navroz in remote areas of the Pamir Mountains, which have undergone changes today.
Traditional to the Pamir Mountains is folk music consisting of dayereh, rubab, setor, ghijak, and nay. Hear the song of the famous Tajik singer, Shuhrat Sainakov, who reminds us that no matter what language we speak, music is the universal language of the spirit.

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