Traditional to the Pamir Mountains is folk music consisting of dayereh, rubab, setor, ghijak, and nay. Hear the song of the famous Tajik singer, Shuhrat Sainakov, who reminds us that no matter what language we speak, music is the universal language of the spirit.
Part 2 of Fish Eagles continues to document the threats faced by Lake Naivasha from invasive species introduced into the lake. The film also profiles the people working to find a solution to the lake’s environmental crisis. A film by Munir Virani & Kiran Ghadge.
Seeking truth, knowledge acquisition, and the role of the intellect have always been important aspects of our faith. Join us as we explore the increasingly important and constantly evolving fields of neuroscience and mental health, and the profound consequences they have on human behavior and well-being.
The Institute of Ismaili Studies and The University of Melbourne Shari’a has long been a source of misunderstanding across both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. In this webinar, Dr. Matthew Nelson, professor at the University of Melbourne hosts a panel discussion that aims to demystify shari’a, putting it in the context of current issues. Dr. Mohammed Keshavjee, co-author of Understanding Sharia: Islamic Law in a Globalised World, and an esteemed panel of speakers, delve into issues of integration, identity politics, and the role of women. A partnership between the Asia Institute at the University of Melbourne and the Institute of Ismaili Studies.
This session discusses the ethical framework that informs a cosmopolitan mindset. It explores the various dimensions of the ideas of cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitan ethics, including some critiques and constraints, to help Jamat develop a grounded appreciation of this concept.
Originally held in person in Toronto for International Women’s Day, this panel of exceptional women outlines ways in which they achieved excellence in their respective fields.
Annual Milad-al-Nabi Lecture Presented by Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Inter-religious Studies, University of Edinburgh School of Divinity. This lecture was held at the Ismaili Centre, Toronto on 15 January 2019, to commemorate Milad-al-Nabi.
On 18th December 2018 His Excellency the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, attended the Ismaili Centre Lisbon 20th anniversary where he inaugurated the exhibition “The Ismaili Centre: 20 Years Celebrating Pluralism,” and planted an olive tree in the surrounding Garden of Olives.
Lake Naivasha has the largest population of African fish eagles in the world, despite the fact that Naivasha city has grown to a million people and hosts one of the main export earners of Kenya – the flower industry. Although the lake is under severe pressure, a Kenyan-born raptor scientist Dr. Munir Virani tries to explain why the eagles are doing so well and how to save their precious home. A film by Munir Virani & Kiran Ghadge.
Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie in the stars of the night sky? And for that matter, the heavens and earth? Join us as we explore the fields of astronomy, space, and the immensity of divine creation.
Learn how to greet, use sign language to start basic conversations and how to call the members of your family. An AKEB/AKSWB initiative from the UK.
Ce nouveau programme hebdomadaire, entièrement en francais, s'adresse au Jamat mondial francophone. Au programme cette semaine: Comment préparer sa poursuite d'études à l'étranger? Interviews d'étudiants et professionels expatriés à Londres, Montréal, Genève et Toronto qui partageront de précieux conseils!
On the 27th of September 2017, Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee discussed issues such as globalization and its challenges, pluralism and its virtues, and the need for greater global cooperation. In his address, he highlighted why in today’s fast-changing context, the need to treat the other with consideration and understanding becomes a global imperative for a more peaceful world. Dr. Keshavjee is a Trustee of the Darwin International Institute for the Study of Compassion in the UK and a consultant to the Hague Conference on Private International law.
How have pandemics shaped many aspects of human culture, including religious communities? Dr. Farid Panjwani explores pandemics historically, in terms of religion and religious thought, using examples such as the Black Death in the 14th century.
Ismaili Centre Conversations. Multi-Generational Wealth Management and Protection It is essential now more than ever for each family to understand the importance of generational wealth management. This episode will help ensure that your family's wealth and legacy are appropriately managed and passed on from one generation to the next.
Part 2 of Ziwa Victoria documents unsound environmental practices along the Great Lake’s shoreline: the replacement of indigenous rainforests with palm oil plantations, artisanal gold mines that leach mercury, uncontrolled use of pesticides, and sewage pollution. They all contribute to oxygen depletion and the spread of water hyacinth, choking the lake. The film also looks at possible solutions to save Africa’s greatest lake. A film by Benj Binks.
Gary Kamemoto takes us through the 16-year journey of Maki & Associates as they design and construct three iconic buildings: the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat in Ottawa, the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and the Aga Khan Centre in London.
This is an AKEB and AKSWB 8-week introduction to British Sign Language. In the first session, you will learn how to sign the alphabet, say your name, and use basic conversational phrases.
The Ismaili Jamatkhana and Center for a candidate forum with Illinois 9th District Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky and Candidate Sargis Sangari discuss their views on important issues and policies heading into the election. ⁣
Ismaili Centre Lecture: New Visionary Voices The Architecture of Pluralism: The Aga Khan Gardens in Edmonton. Featuring a conversation with the Mayor of Edmonton and the President of the University of Alberta, with a dialogue between Thomas Woltz, the architect of the gardens, and Hanif Kara, Professor of Architecture and Design at Harvard.

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