The Ismaili is pleased to present Soday-e-Ishq, written by Aziz Allah Barzgar and performed by members of the Jamat from Iran. The song explores notions of yearning, search, and seeking the love of the divine.
The Ismaili is pleased to present a rendition of Allah Hoo, the famous qawwali popularised by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, performed here by Fitoor. The genre of Muslim devotional music known as qawwali was founded in the 13th century. It fuses lyrical repetition and remembrance and combines Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Indic musical traditions.
The Sufistics perform a live concert for the global Jamat on the occasion of Imamat Day. Get ready to be mesmerized by a segment of reflective devotional songs as well as a non-stop medley of celebratory raas numbers.
The Ismaili Sounds are pleased to present United in Our Song, featuring contributions from each of the three Abrahamic faiths, with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim instrumentalists and vocalists all involved.
Say a Prayer is a humble submission that represents the music artist's feelings during this time of uncertainty and conveys a message of positivity and hope.
Pakistan Ismaili Musical Ensemble (PiMe) is a group of over 15 talented and versatile Ismaili musicians from Pakistan. The group has performed locally and globally to represent southeastern culture through uplifting music.
The Ismaili is pleased to release the official song and music video to celebrate the centenary of the Ismaili Volunteer Corps, featuring participation from 41 countries across the world. See below for lyrics.
To coincide with the celebrations of Imamat Day this year, we present a rendition of the popular Gujarati geet “Rehmat ni Varsha.” Originally written by Asif Meherali, the lyrics convey gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy on the special occasion of Imamat Day.
A compilaton of favourite geets and songs performed by Ismaili Sounds artists from around the world. Our producer suggestion: To take the enjoyment to the next level, make sure your chai, cookies, cake, and sherbet are next to you!
The Elderly Committee of Tanzania presents a musical show for the Jamat to commemorate Imamat Day through a song of devotion to our Imam.
A non-stop raas segment of celebratory songs to harken you back to the days and nights filled with dandia raas. Remember to have your dandia sticks for this one!
The Ismaili brings you Natasha Baig's "Dar Pe Tere," a heartfelt tribute and request. The song seeks blessings and guidance, as we individually and collectively navigate towards brighter times.
The Ismaili is pleased to present "Tere Nur Se Mawla," a collaborative initiative between music artists Taufiq Karmali and Irfan Sheen. With lyrics in both Urdu and Farsi, the song describes the colors and fragrances associated with

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