This episode of the Graduate Resource Support Team (GRST) series provides students with the tools and resources needed to submit high-quality applications for medical school. Speakers for this session include Zia Saleh, Serena Tejpar, and Kahir Rahemtullah.
Dr. Aleem Bharwani has an interactive community book reading with Eboo Patel, founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core. Eboo is the author of Acts of Faith, a remarkable account of growing up Muslim in America and coming to believe in religious pluralism.
Irfan Hemani (Deputy Director of Cyber Security at the UK Department for Digital) discusses his career journey and shares advice for students interested in the fields of cyber security and technology policy.
Shemin Nurmohamed (Senior Vice President of Product Management at Pitney Bowes) discusses her career journey and shares advice for students interested in the field of product management.
Karim Gillani (General Partner at Luge Capital) shares his career journey and discusses the future of the field of venture capital.
Natasha Walji (Director at Google) discusses how students interested in the intersection between business and technology can plan for their careers.
Get a deeper understanding of the "Challenge Mindset" and how it can guide your career path. This program also introduces an alternative career exploration process that goes beyond job titles and the traditional question: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’.
In this episode, Amyn Merchant (Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG) discusses the future of careers in management consulting and shares advice for students interested in the field.
Interested in a career in The Arts? In this episode, Zeenat Lakhani shares her journey as a Bollywood screenwriter and discusses the skills necessary to succeed in this field.
This episode looks back at recent Careers of the Future interviews to summarize key insights for how students can prepare for the Future of Work.
Interested in a career in architecture or design? In this episode, Moyez Alwani (Global Head of Design at The Aga Khan Academies) shares his journey and discusses the skills necessary to succeed in these fields.
Interested in a career in finance or economics? In this episode, Dr. Sajjid Chinoy (Chief India Economist at JP Morgan) discusses the different career opportunities available in these fields and what skills students will need to succeed.
Interested in a career in education? In this episode, Rahim Hirji (UK Country Manager at Quizlet) discusses how technology will change the field of education and what skills will be necessary to succeed in the field.
Interested in a career in Fintech? In this episode, Aiaze Mitha (Fintech entrepreneur and investor) discusses the rapidly evolving field of Fintech and the various career opportunities available for students.
Interested in entrepreneurship? In this episode, Aly Madhavji (Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund) shares his advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs and discusses the skills necessary to turn a business idea into reality.
Join representatives and graduates from NPower Canada, an organization that launches young adults into meaningful and sustainable careers in technology, as they share tips on how to launch a successful career. Whether you're looking to switch careers or entering the workforce, this session will provide insight on the various paths you can take, the training and skills employers look for, where to get educated or credentialed, and how to succeed once you are in the industry.
What is user experience and how can students prepare themselves for a career in it? In this episode, Azmina Karimi (Senior User Experience Designer at Audible) shares her story and advice for high school and university students.
Interested in a career in public service? In this episode, Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak (Head of Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education at the European Commission) discusses the impact of emerging career trends in the public sector on high school and university students.
What is the future of work, and what can students do to prepare for it? In this first episode of Careers of the Future, Zabeen Hirji discusses the impact of emerging career trends on high school and university students.
An opportunity for high school and post-secondary students to explore various career options with either an Undergraduate or Master’s degree in Education. Join panelists as they share their experiences, opinions, and perspectives as well as the relevance of the career in the future. This episode is moderated by Natasha Walli, Program and Career Development Manager at the University of Toronto and features Zuhra Teja, International Educational Consultant; Salima Jaffer, National Adult Programs Manager with Canada Learning Code; Tasmeen Fidai, Learning Experience Designer with Tuesday Afternoon Media inc.

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